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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Where She Went Teaser Tour + Contest!

Attention If I Stay fans: Adam was a pretty special guy, wasn’t he? The big emo-core heart in that cute rocker body. But, you know, no matter how good a person you are, it’s hard to escape tragedy unchanged. How have Adam and Mia changed? If you were wondering about that, the wait is almost over—New York Times bestselling author Gayle Forman has written a sequel to If I Stay. It’s called Where She Went, and it comes out April 2011, but right now she’s doing a teaser tour to give If I Stay fans the scoop on what they can expect from Mia and Adam’s new chapter.

Teaser Number 9:
Remember what a nice guy Adam was in If I Stay?
In Where She Went, not so nice.

He’s been a bit, well, damaged by events.

Which isn’t to say you won’t still love him.

Watch the If I Stay paperback trailer!

Be sure to pre-order Where She Went, out in stores April 2011!

Not only that, but to prepare for Where She Went, I'm giving away a SIGNED PAPERBACK COPY OF IF I STAY! How awesome is that? All you have to do is just leave a comment talking about what you're looking forward to seeing in Where She Went or what you loved about If I Stay. Also, this contest is US ONLY! This contest will run until 11:59pm on September 7th!

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  1. I absolutely loved If I Stay. I thought it was brilliantly written and I cannot wait to see the changes in both Mia and Adam.

    I'm interested in why they aren't together, and how Adam deals, and what the end of their story will be.

    basicallyamazingbooks [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. I'm so looking forward to Where She Went. In If I Stay I loved the fact that Mia and Adam were so wholely committed to one another and they grew in their differences, instead of letting those divide them. :)
    lisadgibson (at) live (dot) com

  3. Oh my. I think what I'm looking forward to in Where She Went is simply more of Gayle Forman's excellent writing. I enjoyed Sisters in Sanity, but really felt If I Stay was more mature. I can only hope she's improved again with Where She Went!

  4. I'll still love Adam. :P Haha. Well, he was a total sweetheart in IF I STAY. Please don't make him a total jerk, Gayle... :S

    Thanks for the contest. Once again, entering because these copies are SIGNED, and I'd love a US paperback, rather than the hardcover I have right now. I'd love to own both covers!

    I'm looking forward to seeing heartbreaking scenes, and the aftermath of Mia's accident in IF I STAY. Oh, and being able to see the development between the characters since then. I can bet I'll be bawling buckets! Can't wait. :)

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  5. I iz looking forward to reading about Adam. :)

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing things from Adam's perspective and to see how they grew apart.

    jpetroroy at gmail dot com

  7. What I loved most about If I Stay would have to be the strong characters - not just that they were well developed but that they were all people that I would want to spend time with. I appreciate that in a book!

    I also loved all of the musical references. I even made a mix: http://8tracks.com/emben/if-i-stay

    I thought the first book worked so well as a stand-alone and with an open ending, so I can't say that I was hoping for a sequel, but I'm sure that I will read it and hopefully (crossing fingers) enjoy it.

  8. I'm so excited for this book. I just feel like I need to know EVERYTHING! What happened with Mia, why she broke up with Adam (assuming it was her), and how these two will reconcile (which I hope they do!)


  9. Honestly, I loved If I Stay so much that I'm just looking forward to seeing more of the characters, all of them! I can't wait, I wasn't ready to say goodbye last time so I'm glad they'll be back soon!
    Email address:

  10. I loved 'If I Stay', and after reading all the teasers I am a little worried about 'Where She Went'! I loved Adam in the first book and I am sure I will enjoy reading from his perspective, but I am already sad about Mia and Adam being apart. Can't wait to find out more! I would love to win the copy of If I Stay. Thanks for the chance!


  11. What if I were to say 'everything' ;) Too broad? I guess it would be how Mia's doing. How is she handling life?


  12. What I'm looking for in Where She Went is Mia. The end of If I stay was simply amazing and I want more. I want to what happened to Mia and Adam's relationship.

  13. I LOVED Adam in If I Stay! I can't wait to see what happens in Where She Went!

    Thanks for the contest:-)


  14. I'm going to sound super lame but I haven't read this book! :( But I've heard so much good about it & I REALLY want to read it. I hope this counts as an entry. :/

    Thanks so much for the contest!


  15. I am most looking forward to how & why Adam is dating some girl named Bryn! WTH??

    I think it will be a great book that I won't be able to put down! April seems so far away, but release dates always do :)

    Thanks for the contest!


  16. Wow. Where to start...If I stay was one of the best books I've ever read. It made me so emotional and thwe writing was amazing. I cannot wait for Where She Went. Alhtough, these teasers are literally killing me...my heart's benn hurting for days...

    xnzkisha17 at yahoo dot com

  17. This is my favorite book ever. A close friend of mine recently passed on. So I could very easily relate to all the feelings that were in If I Stay. I thought all the emotions were portrayed beautifully.

    The part I look most forward to in Where She Went is the flashbacks. From all the teasers it seems like this book will be way different than I thought. I really hope that Gayle Forman includes the funeral for Mia's parents and her brother. Thats what I want to hear about the most.

    RIP Clayton, I love you♥


  18. I haven't read IF I STAY yet but I've heard so many great things about it from other bloggers/reviewers.

    I especially love the new cover on the paperback edition.

    I'd be honored to receive a signed copy. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  19. I want Mia and Adam to have a happy ending. I actually cried while reading if I stay. It was sad remembering all those events in her life and knowing she lost her mom, dad and brother.

    I am a glad that we start 3 years later in this book. Recovery would be boring to read about.