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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Live Boyfriends ARC Tour

Before I start, go check out my guest blog on The Story Siren as part of Kristi's GLBT Lit Days!!

So having finally gotten my Gone ARC back at ALA, I realized that maybe I should've done a better job with that ARC tour. So, now that I've had that experience, this one will hopefully be much smoother and more organized.

I'm offering up an ARC of the fourth Ruby Oliver book, Real Live Boyfriends by E. Lockhart, which will be out on December 28, 2010.

The deadline for commenting will be next Wednesday, August 18. As for how I will pick people, it will be done randomly. Anyone can comment- bloggers must include their web URL in their comment and non-bloggers must say in their comment that they're not bloggers. The reason for this is because I will probably only pick one or two non-bloggers for the book to go to so I need to know who is one and who isn't. The main purpose of this is so bloggers can have a chance to read the ARC since so few were sent out and be able to review it on their site.

When I pick the list, I'll announce the names here on the 19th. I want those people to email me so I have their email addresses which I can put together in a Word document and send out to the whole list so people know the order and can get the mailing address from the next person on the list. Also, I'm sorry to international readers, but this tour is only open to US residents.

Also, two big new changes: I WILL BE REQUIRING DELIVERY CONFIRMATION AS PART OF THIS TOUR. So you'll need to agree to that upfront. Delivery confirmation costs a bit extra but it's nothing too bad, especially with this ARC since it's fairly small and lightweight. The second big change is YOU ONLY GET THE BOOK FOR 7 OR 10 DAYS. With Gone, I just assumed people would read it quickly and get it off to the next person. Unfortunately, this wasn't so and, as a result, several people dropped out because the book had already been released before it got to them. So now I'm requiring it. It's a very fast read, like Gone, so it shouldn't be a problem getting it read in that amount of time (whichever it is- I haven't decided yet if it'll be 7 or 10 days).

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments and I'll answer them either in the comments or add the answers to this post.


  1. *flails* I love Roo!! And you, obvs.

    I am a blogger. I am at freneticreader.com. I love Roo.

    Did I get everything? xD

  2. I read your guest post on Story Siren and enjoyed it! I am sure you will be invited back for more.

    I can't enter this as I live in the UK but what a cute cover this book has!

  3. I would love to be part of this tour. You know how much I adore Roo and Noel and can't wait to find out what happens!


  4. have a big question

    Who started the "in my mailbox" segment on blogs? I want to know the first person to do this and its driving me nuts because I can't find any links

  5. Not currently a blogger, but I am DESPERATE to read this book!

  6. Hello,

    I am not a blogger, but I would love to read this book. I am a big fan of the series.



  8. I'm not a blogger, but I want this book a lot!

  9. I would love to get a copy of this ARC!!