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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three Year Blogoversary- Susan from Wastepaper Prose Guest Blog

Today, I'd like to welcome blogger friend and fellow Virginia resident Susan of Wastepaper Prose to my blogoversary! Susan and I have gotten to know each other and hang out a lot since we first met not so long ago (only like half a year so far!) and it's been a blast. Here she is with her thoughts on our friendship:

When you’re a blogger in central Virginia you don’t tend to run into a lot of other bloggers. There just aren’t a lot of us here. And I’d like to say that when James and I met that we had a field of daisies moment – that our connection was effortless and instantaneous – but that would be a lie.

Honestly, I think James was scared of me.

I can’t blame him. I do tend to come on a little strong. Come to think of it. The first time he met me, I was sitting in Fountain Bookstore having a rather loud discussion about critique groups, mermaid sex, and epicly bad epic fantasy. Trust me when I say it was enough to send anyone running, and James and I hadn’t even been introduced yet!

It wasn’t until earlier this year, when I came to grips with the fact that Twitter wasn’t going away, that James and I reconnected. I forget how we ran across each other or who found who, but it happened and it allowed us to build a relationship that I don’t think we’d have otherwise. (In case you didn’t know, James is a bit shy.)

It gave us a buddy system to rely on. We could plan for events together, chat and get lost together. As Book Expo America drew near and I found myself in a jam, James was there and ready to save me.

Girl bloggers were flaking on me left and right. I had three roommates plan the trip out with me then fall through just over a month before. That was when I ran into James at a signing and we got to talking about it.

“Are you going to BEA?” he asked.

“Yes. But I’m homeless!” I said.

“Well, I have a room to myself and we can get a rollaway or something.”

Translation: We’ll make it work. James single-handedly rescued my BEA trip by offering to let me share his hotel room. But that’s just the kind of guy he is. He’ll bend over backwards for a friend.

Isn't that so sweet? Although Susan was the one to single-handedly upgrade our room at no extra cost to us, so kudos to her! Thanks for dropping by, Susan! Now, on to the contest, I've got a copy of Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin. To enter, leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on what Susan said about me or what's got you excited for Low Red Moon. The contest will be open until June 30th at 11:59 PM and is for North American residents only.


  1. This is such a sweet post! I'm really enjoying reading all of these stories :)

  2. That is so sweet of you James. You seem like an amazing guy.

    And thanks for all these amazing contest!


  3. That is a great post. I love some of the people I have met from blogging. It is a great community!

  4. That's so sweet! I can totally see you doing all that stuff. I remember the first time we met...I was *so* terrified to talk to you but you didn't know what I looked like so I didn't have a choice, lol.

  5. You and Susan are awesome. I am so glad I met you!!