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Friday, June 25, 2010

Three Year Blogoversary- Kristi from The Story Siren Guest Blog

Closing out the festivities this week is an awesome fellow blogger and friend, Kristi from The Story Siren! Yes, THE Kristi- I did have to bribe a few people just to get to her, and then had to sell my soul to get her to write the guest post (she has a lot of bodyguards; I guess fame has its costs...), but it was all worth it! Read on for some scandalous information...

THREE YEARS! That is so amazing! Is congrats even enough? WOW.

James and I have been ‘talking’ online since I first started my own blog, he was actually one of the few people who commented on my blog back in the stone ages..... he is really sweet like that. So I’ve always had a soft spot for James, even from the beginning.

I actually helped James celebrate his two year blogiversary, and I have to say, going back and looking at my post now..... it was ridiculously lame, but James was still nice enough to post it, lol. (James, what were you thinking! Did you even read that thing.... geez, embarrassing....)

But since helping James celebrate his two year blogiversary, I’ve had the chance to meet the real deal. As in, James in the flesh! And when I say flesh, I mean flesh, because I totally saw him half naked in his hotel room! No seriously! I did. Although it is much more innocent then it sounds, because you see it was really late and I crashed his hotel room when he was in bed asleep and then he happened to wake up and he just didn’t have a shirt covering his upper half.... see innocent. But still funny! But now I can say that I saw James half naked, and I like that.

I never realized how very shy James is in real life. I mean I am a shy person, but darlin’ you have me beat! But he was so very adorable! I just wanted to squeeze you, I really did. But I had to resort to hitting you and slapping your arm..... it’s a lot like how you would have the urge to kick a cute puppy..... er, that doesn’t look right. I apologize for hitting you. lol. I think that it must have been my inner ‘child-on-the-playground’ and I felt I had to hit the sweet boy because that was the only way I to tell him I liked him.

I will say that now that I’ve met James in real life, I like him even more.

So in closing, my dearest James. I wish you many more years of blogging ahead! Thank you for your constant support of your fellow bloggers and YA literature. Thank you for not being afraid to say what you feel and being the person you are. I’m so very blessed to call you a friend. (Saying that with the hopes that you still want to be my friend after you met me at BEA and I hit you multiple times..... although you did invite me to write a post for your blogiversary so that must mean something right.... ?)

I <3 U!

Isn't Kristi so sweet and awesome? Well, you all probably know that from reading her fantabulous blog. We are definitely still friends, especially since no bruises surfaced after the beatings she gave me, lol. Anyway, on to the contest, I've got a signed copy of Ballads of Suburbia (ARC) by Stephanie Kuehnert! To enter, leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on what Kristi said about me or what's got you excited for Ballads of Suburbia. The contest will be open until June 30th at 11:59 PM and is for North American residents only.


  1. I've heard so many great things about Ballads of Suburbia. I'd love to read it!

    -Lisa B.

  2. Congrats on 3 years! I love Kristi, she's awesome. You both are! I think in honor of 3 years, you should post a pic of yourself without a shirt. Why should Kristi get all the fun! We all want to see you half naked!! You would probably double your followers in one day with a shirtless pic....you could even paint on some sparkles for an Edward-like vampire appearance!

  3. Happy Three Year Blogoversary. I think everyone needs a good friend like that. Sounds like the two of you are great friends and that can be rare these days. I myself am a shy person so I can relate to you both. I have been known to pounce on my best friend from time to time and he never seems to mind the playful hit he gets from time to time....lol. I have been best frineds with him for over 15 years so to me you and Kristi sound like you guys have that kind of great friendship so I want to say congrats on having an awesome friend....^_^.

  4. Happy Blogoversary! Three years is a long time.

    This is really my first time to your blog, I am following now so you'll see me around again.

    Kristi's story is pretty funny. She really is sweet though, isn't she? I think so.

  5. The part about her hitting you is kind of adorable. And the half naked joke cracks me up!

  6. Awww...your friendship is cute. Looking forward to my bloggaversary in the New Year :)

  7. I hadn't planned on commenting back on any of these posts, but the request by Shelley made me want to, lol.

    Shelley, no one wants to see me with my shirt off. Now, if I were, say, as hot and built as Taylor Lautner, I would have no problem showing off. However, I am not. Kristi can most likely attest that it was not a pretty sight. Although it was kinda dark, so she may not have gotten a good look (Be thankful!).

    Long story short, not posting a shirtless pic.

    ...unless there's an outcry for it. Like, say, 50 people.

  8. Kristi's post is really funny. Especially that bit in the hotel room!

  9. Oooohhh!! I'm in North America! *dances*

    I didn't get to see you half naked (which is ok by me - the biggest prude in the world. I SKIPPED chapters in my biology book in high school when it came to anatomy.) but I did get

    I am so glad I got to meet you in person on that BEA trip and you quickly became one of my favourite people! I am so happy I got to meet you. I agree with Kristi in the wanting to squeeze you thing, you're adorable! (Is that uncool to say to a 20-something guy? Who cares, you are!)

    Happy 3rd anniversary!

  10. That story is hilarious.

    Once again, happy blogoversary James!

  11. I'd love to read Ballad's- I love both Stephanie and Kristi's blogs.

  12. ha! glad at least it was an entertaining post! thanks so much for inviting me to stop by!!

  13. great blog and enjoy the Story Siren...would love to read Ballads of Suburbia

  14. Congratulations on three years of blogging. Keep up the good work!