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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fresh New Voice of YA- Tell Me A Secret Excerpt Vlog

It's time for an excerpt of Tell Me A Secret by Holly Cupala to be read, but not by me. My earlier post mentioned that I have no batteries, so I couldn't record any vlogs for this week. But I'm so thrilled that others were eager to help me out. Thanks again to Vania for doing a reading of Sea, and today, we've actually got Holly herself reading the first few pages from her book!

If you want more of Holly and Tell Me A Secret, Mitali from Alley of Books has another exclusive vlog! And of course, you should all enter the contest that's going on to win one of four 2-chapter samplers of Tell Me A Secret!

Tell Me A Secret is out in stores June 22, so go pre-order a copy!

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