Picture drawn by Maggie Stiefvater, 2009. Header made by S.F. Robertson, 2010.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Picture Post- Maggie Stiefvater Launch Party

I left early from work on Thursday, October 8 so I could go to Maggie's Launch Party for her new book Ballad in Richmond, VA. I picked up my roomie at her workplace and we were on our way. The ride went by very quickly and we met up with her boyfriend at Chipotle and then they had dinner while I went to the signing.

Now, I ended up committing a small crime on my way to the bookstore where it was taking place- The Fountain Bookstore. So I had written out directions to the bookstore and made sure there were NO TOLL ROADS that I had to go through because there are a couple toll roads around (btw, such a stupid thing) the area. Well, turns out Mapquest lied and the exit I took off of I-64 (or whatever road I was on) was actually a toll road where I needed exact change (30 cents) and I had four 20s in my pocket. Not good. So I searched around my car but found no change, and I had to make a decision because there was someone waiting behind me.

So what I ended up doing was just driving forward anyway. The only thing that seemed to be keeping me there was a red light that would turn green once you put/threw your change into the funnel-like thing. I am now a criminal. YAY! But quite honestly, I do not care.

Anyway, I found the bookstore easily and also found parking easily too just down the street from the bookstore. I walked into the bookstore and found this:

Inside the donut boxes were Halloween-decorated donuts. I grabbed a regular glazed with chocolate icing and black and orange sprinkles. It was quite good. I then went to the signing area and Maggie was there talking to two friends of hers. I sat down and listened to the conversation, which was extremely hilarious.

Throughout the night, many special topics were brought up to discussion. Here is just a small sampling of what was brought up: merman sex, Spongebob fanfiction, odd Twilight paraphernalia (sp?) like a certain fake piece of male anatomy that you could put into the freezer before usage for the full effect (can I just say EWWWW?), crazy fans, Maggie's many and various expressions (which unfortunately does not include my favorite of her expressions but hopefully she'll do a vlog of those later which will be reminiscent of the Far Side cartoon talking about the facial expressions of a dog depending on their mood and it's all the same expression), the phrase "ugly shade of dangerous" which was used to refer to the shade of color hair turns into when it's been shaved off a guy's beard, I believe, and was actually used in a novel (unpublished, though I feel that goes without saying), and many more.

Maggie was lovely, expressive, and hilarious. She read a bit from Ballad, a part that mentioned the main character James' roommate. What is funny about that is that James' roommate is named Paul. My roomie calls me Paul because she thinks I look more like a Paul than a James. So I have both my names in Maggie's book; it made me giggle. She also rambled a bit and answered a few questions from the audience which mainly consisted of people she knew except for one couple who came to the signing cuz they love Maggie's books. After that, she signed books and chatted with everyone and it was fantastic. I also got a frame from her Ballad trailer that she made. I'll have to take a picture of it or show it off in a vlog at some point soon. I also got a picture with her.

The bookstore employees were so nice and let us hang out and chat well past their closing time, which was 8pm. You could tell they both loved their job and loved books and they were so funny and sweet- great people who run a great bookstore. We did eventually migrate over to the parking lot and I kinda wandered off from the crowd to go to my car. Maggie caught me though before I could get away and gave me a hug and we said goodbye to each other. I went back to my car and before I got in, all her friends yelled out "BYE JAMES!" and then Maggie immediately turns around and says "I swear I didn't make them do that."

Feeling this newfound love, I came over and ended up hanging out and laughing with Maggie and her friends until about 9:30 and I still had to go get dinner and make the two hour drive back. I stopped by McDonald's and got a McNugget meal, which was AMAZING, and after that, got some gas for my car and headed on home. It was a wonderful evening and I'm so happy I got to go. My next signing is gonna be another Maggie one in December (unless I find one to go to before then) in Charlottesville, VA which I'm excited about since it's on a Saturday and in the afternoon so Maggie and I can hang out before and after the signing. YAY!

And now, I'm finally caught up on all my signing recaps. w00t!


  1. I love her books! She is an amazing writer. I can't wait for more Shiver!

  2. Maggie is so much fun to hang out with. She's supercool! Glad you had a great time.