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Friday, October 9, 2009

Picture Post- Kathryn Williams signing

Yes, I went to another signing, this time in Richmond, VA, just actually a few days after the Diana Peterfreund signing. It was for Kathryn Williams, who wrote The Debutante and The Lost Summer, and who I've been chatting with since The Debutante ARCs came out way back in late 2007. Kathryn emailed me the day before the signing and told me all about it; she understood if I couldn't make it, but would really love to have me there. Of course, I totally made it there. I did think about finances and all that first but then pretty much just said "Screw it" and went.

My roomie traveled along with me as she tends to do whenever I go to a Richmond signing. We stopped by her boyfriend's apartment and then drove over to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner in separate cars, so I could go straight to the signing afterward. We had a wonderful meal (their fries are to die for!) and it was just a fun time; we ate at their tables outside cuz it was such a gorgeous day, so that made the meal even more pleasant.

I ended up leaving kinda late from dinner and made it to the signing about 15 minutes late, which my roomie later said seemed to be becoming my signature move- arriving fashionably late. Kathryn had a HUGE crowd and I was so happy to see that many people at the store to see her. She was reading from The Lost Summer when I got there, so while she finished up, I browsed the YA section nearby. When she started the QnA part, I came back over to listen. She was very funny and answered a few questions before getting ready to sign.

When she started signing, I held off and figured I could finish browsing the YA section before getting in line, so I did that. After I was done browsing, I got in line and waited for my turn to come up. Kathryn was so sweet and chatted with every person in line. She recognized me right as she was finishing up with the two women in front of me and introduced me to them as a blogger who is awesome and how I featured her on my blog. They were quite impressed and were so dazzled by my celebrity (*snort*) that they took a picture of me and Kathryn together with my camera. Kathryn signed my books and was so nice.

After that, I wandered off and looked in the fiction section for Ballads of Suburbia (3 copies-woo!) and just browsed around. When the crowd had died down, I came back into the signing area and Kathryn chatted with me for a couple minutes before leaving since she hadn't had dinner yet and was heading out with friends. I left shortly after but got sidetracked by a very hilarious book entitled The Quotable Douchebag, which made me giggle incessantly while in the Humor section reading it. I'm sure I scared some people browsing nearby.

And that was really it. I went home shortly after that. Twas a fun time.

Next Friday- a recap of Maggie Stiefvater's launch party for Ballad (which happened just a few hours before this posting). Let's hope that I get more than 1 or 2 pictures taken! And also that I am not shy again and become too afraid to ask for a picture with Maggie. This is my third (kinda fourth, but I barely saw her at the Scott/Gray signing plus she was flanked by kids so I'm not sure if that counts) time seeing her and still no picture, so I had better man up and get it this time. Wish me luck! I'll probably talk about it a bit in my IMM vlog if I do one this week.

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  1. I'm glad you had fun at the book signing. You have celebrity status now =D