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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Duplikate by Cherry Cheva

Duplikate by Cherry Cheva
"To Do List:

Ace SATs
Ace finals
Ace AP physics project
Avoid murdering lab partner
Submit Yale application
Resolve possibly evil twin situation

Due date: December 15th
Countdown: 11 days

By the time Kate Larson accidentally fell asleep at three a.m., she'd already done more work in one night than the average high school senior does in a week. Getting into Yale has been her dream for years—and being generally overworked and totally under-rested is the price of admission. But when she opens her eyes the next day, she comes face-to-face with, well, her face—which is attached to her body, which is standing across the room. Wait, what?

Meet Kate's computer-generated twin. Kate doesn't know why she's here or how to put her back where she belongs, but she's real. And she's the last thing Kate has time to deal with right now. Unless . . .

Could having a double be the answer to Kate's prayers? After all, two Kates can do more work than one. Or will keeping her twin a secret turn her dream future into a living nightmare?"-summary from Amazon

Cheva's sophomore effort is, in my opinion, much better than her first. While I enjoyed She's So Money, Duplikate just had that extra oomph factor to it. It's an absolutely hilarious read and an extremely intriguing concept. The romance was a bit cliche and predictable, but still very cute. The final act of the book had my heart pounding and with me on the edge of my seat (or bed, since that's where I did most of my reading) and the ending had an unexpected twist to it, which made me smile. Overall, a solid book and one I really loved; I can't wait to read more from Cheva.

Interview with Cherry Cheva
1) How did you get the idea for Duplikate?

Props go to my very smart editors! We were throwing around a couple different ideas, and somebody mentioned something about a girl interacting with a computer avatar, and I basically took that general concept and ran with it.

2) What are you working on now, both on the book side and the Family Guy side?

Let’s see…Family Guy, we’re in the middle of production season 8. Some awesome episodes coming up! I wrote the two-part season premiere for next fall, so watch for that on TV a year from now (it’s a murder mystery!). On the book side, I’m working on some stuff, but no super concrete info right now.

Also, Cherry has an episode coming up this season called "Hannah Banana", in which Stewie gets tickets to a Hannah Montana concert, which will hopefully be debuting by the end of this year.

ETA: I just checked Wikipedia and it turns out that Cherry's episode will debut on November 8! Be sure to watch it!!

3) Are you more like Katerina (from this book) or Maya (from She's So Money)? Or is there another character that you're more like?

Probably more like Maya, although let’s face it, both those gals are waaaay more hard-core than I was in high school. I mean, I was pretty nerdy with the AP classes and trying to get into Ivy League schools and whatever, but nowhere near their level.

4) What's your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean flavor?

Oooh! I love this question. What’s the purple flavor, like island punch or something? I also like the sour ones.

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  1. I can't wait to read DupliKate! And Cherry is such a gem. I had no idea she wrote for Family Guy - how cool is that???