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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming Up- Bookcase Review

So last month or so (I know, I am WAYYYYY behind on this!), I got an email from CSN asking me if I'd like to review one of their products. Of course, I said yes immediately (and by "immediately", I mean "several weeks later") to a bookcase, not just because of the free product, but because if you've seen my room like in my vlogs or something, you know it is a mess because of all the books and DVDs and crap I have, so having another bookcase would be extremely helpful. I am very excited about this one that I'm getting (pic is below) and can't wait for it to arrive.

CSN does a ton of furniture pieces from bookcases to office chairs to pretty much anything, it seems. Here's the bookcase I'm getting, and I feel like this'll be the best one for my room and my needs:

So once I get this bookcase and get it all set up, my review will go up along with fun pictures and maybe even a vlog! We shall see what the future holds. Hopefully the review will be up by the end of the month. All of next week is taken up by Fresh New Voice of YA featuring Becca Fitzpatrick (author of Hush Hush) and Tom Dolby (author of Secret Society), so be sure to check that out and comment. Also, please read and comment on my review of Ice by Sarah Beth Durst and look for my recap of Maggie Stiefvater's Ballad launch party tomorrow afternoon. :)

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