Picture drawn by Maggie Stiefvater, 2009. Header made by S.F. Robertson, 2010.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bookcase Review- CSN Furniture's Spine Tower

Here's the box the bookcase came in. In the picture though, it is empty because I forgot to take a picture of it when all the pieces were still inside... so yeah. Probably not as impressive. But anyway, the box with all the pieces in it was 32 pounds. I was able to lift it fairly easily, which made me excited and amazed at my own upper body strength. Anyway, so I dumped out all the pieces out and got everything organized while watching The Cleveland Show. By the time I finished with all that, I had to put something else on, so I watched Gossip Girl (the one where Chuck Bass kissed a guy!!! That was a hot moment.) while putting the bookcase together.

This is the empty bookcase in our living room. It took me a bit of time to finish the bookcase because I didn't realize a wrench had been included to help put on the screws, which definitely helped since my fingers can't put the screws in tight enough. Once I discovered the wrench, the work went a LOT faster and smoother. Everything was really easy to put together and I built the whole thing myself with no help, and also with 6 cats running around. Not an easy task.

Once I finished the bookcase, I carried it into my room and immediately started putting books on it. I made it my official ARCs-to-read bookcase and I love it so much. It takes up very little space but, as you can see, packs a TON of books on it, which definitely helps since I have a little room with very little space. So if you're looking for a simple, easy-to-assemble bookcase that doesn't take up much space, definitely go for this one. You can order one by going here to CSN Furniture's website.

Full disclosure: I recieved this bookcase for free in exchange for reviewing it. But it really is an amazing bookcase; I smile just looking at it.


  1. isn't it an awesome bookcase! i love mine! and it's so cool to look at!

  2. Great bookcase, and wow you have LOTS of books. :)

  3. How steady is it? Is it easy to tip over?

  4. Anonymous- So far it has not been tipped over nor have any books been knocked off it, which is surprising with 6 rambunctious (sp?) cats running around. It is pretty steady.