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Monday, March 14, 2011

Meandering Monday (12)- Breathless Reads recap

Before I start on my Breathless Reads recap, I have a couple links to show off. Jennifer Archer has a wonderful contest going on where you pre-order her YA debut Through Her Eyes, email the confirmation to Jennifer, and she'll enter you into the contest. Prizes include a Kindle, iPod shuffle, and signed copy of Through Her Eyes!

Also, Steph Su posted an interview with me last Friday! Go check it out and comment! It makes me happy.

Alrighty, on to the recap! I showed up a few minutes late so I didn't miss too much. I got a spot behind a bookcase fairly close to the action. When I got there, they had started the QnA. There's a link at the end of this to a recap that talks about some of their answers. I remember none of them, except that Beth Revis and I are similar in our writing styles. We start at the beginning, go sentence by sentence, and have no idea where we're going most of the time. I knew I liked her for a reason, lol. Though I think Beth doesn't like writing kissing scenes whereas I (and Andrea Cremer) do so we differ there (unless of course she does, in which case, we are still similar). All five authors were very funny and insightful. It was a wonderful QnA session.

After the QnA, which was about 45 minutes long, they started the signing. As I tried to find the friend I'd come with, I was bombarded by Hellos from like 5 people, lol. I cannot remember who all was there because it's all a blur to me now. But it was fun seeing them! I found my friend and got into line and waited. About 10 minutes into waiting, Michelle came up to me and introduced herself. She had gotten her stuff signed and needed to go so she wanted to make our book switch happen. I had brought The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong for her to borrow and she gave me The Dark and Hollow Places ARC for me to keep! How sweet is that? We chatted for a few minutes and then she headed off.

A few minutes after, I started chatting with the girls in line behind me, one of whom runs a Hunger Games fansite (she was very shocked and appalled as many bloggers are that I had yet to read the trilogy). We talked Hunger Games and other fun bookish things. It was a pleasant way to pass the time waiting in the long line.

Eventually, I made it up front. I wanted to say hi to Ally Condie because I'd met her at BEA and ALA last year, but she was busy with other people. I didn't want to wait and keep the line from moving when I didn't have a book for her to sign (my ARC was signed at BEA). So I moved on to Andrea and Kirsten, gave them my ARCs to sign, and proceeded to not say anything. I hadn't really talked to either one much- I tweeted Andrea when I reviewed Nightshade but that's it, and Kirsten had talked online a bit and I even interviewed her but that was in the first few months of my blog. I didn't think either one would recognize my blog name, so didn't mention it; also, I am just shy.

After that, I moved on to Beth and Brenna. This went a bit better since I'd featured Beth in January as a Fresh New Voice of YA so it was more fresh in her mind. She slightly recognized me before I introduced myself so that was nice, lol. I even got a picture with them! My friend Liz was kind enough to take one for me.

I hung around for a few minutes looking for Shana Norris, author of Something to Blog About and Troy High, who I've chatted with quite a bit. It always seems that whatever NC author event there is, one of us isn't there. So it was nice that we both were going to be attending this one and we could finally meet. Since it was at the end of the signing and we both had long trips ahead of us, we only got to chat for a few minutes but we also got a picture for posterity. Hopefully next time, we can chat a bit longer!

Anyway, I had a great time at this event and was so happy this tour came nearby. If you want to see what the authors wrote in my ARCs, check out my IMM vlog from March 6. It's right at the beginning.

Here's the link to one recap that features some of the answers from the QnA. If you were also at the event, put your link to your recap in the comments if you did one, or if you didn't, put your blog link so I can check you out!


  1. Hey there!

    Here's my recap of the signing:


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    It was good to see you there!

  2. Sounds like fun! Even though you didn't get to talk to Ally, at least you chatted with Beth and Brenna! :)

    I really wish this tour had come to my area!