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Saturday, October 16, 2010

GLBT Week- Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Jumpstart the World by Catherine Ryan Hyde
"Elle is a loner. She doesn’t need people. Which is a good thing, because she’s on her own: she had to move into her own apartment so her mother’s boyfriend won’t have to deal with her.

Then she meets Frank, the guy who lives next door. He’s older and has a girlfriend, but Elle can’t stop thinking about him. Frank isn’t like anyone Elle has ever met. He listens to her. He’s gentle. And Elle is falling for him, hard.

But Frank is different in a way that Elle was never prepared for: he’s transgender. And when Elle learns the truth, her world is turned upside down. Now she’ll have to search inside herself to find not only the true meaning of friendship but her own role in jumpstarting the world."- summary from Amazon

This was a really interesting book and the first one that I've read with a transgendered character. I really liked it and Elle was a great character to get to know over the course of the book. I think it was an accurate portrayal of thinking someone is one way and falling in love with that, and then later finding out they're not what you originally thought (I don't mean in a bad way either) and having to deal with this new information and how it affects what you feel for that person. Hyde manages to capture these thoughts, feelings and questions so well.

Overall, it's just a really amazing book with a wonderful cast of characters and is definitely a book for everyone to check out.

(Sorry for the short review. This is because a)I'm in a hurry because I'm going to a book signing two hours away that starts at 2 (It's 11:10 right now) and b)it's a short book and I don't have a lot of thoughts of it, other than the fact that I really enjoyed it, lol. Hope it's still good enough for everyone!!)

By the way, thanks to everyone for commenting and supporting this event this week! I really appreciate it and please spread the word. The contest is still going for a few more days, so get those comments in!!

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  1. I see you really liked Jumpstart the World. Would you consider nominating it for an Indie Lit Award? We're looking for nominations, and this book fits the criteria :) http://indielitawards.wordpress.com/glbtq/