Picture drawn by Maggie Stiefvater, 2009. Header made by S.F. Robertson, 2010.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Signing Recap- Julie Kagawa in Richmond, VA

On October 16, I drove to Richmond to see Julie Kagawa, author of the The Iron Fey series, at a book signing. I got a late start and so rolled in about 10 minutes late, in the middle of Julie's reading. I felt very embarrassed and tried to not be noticed. This is hard to do when half of the audience knows who you are and therefore are staring at you and waving and all that. Anyway, Julie finished her reading (she did a wonderful job! also, apparently it was of Chapter 1 of The Iron Queen, coming out in Feb 2011!) and then we all packed away the chairs to prepare for the actual signing as Fountain Bookstore is a small space.

Before the signing started though, there was a little giveaway! Since I'd shown up late, I wasn't in the raffle so Susan put me in. I just went along with it. And then wouldn't you know it? I won! I got a Grimalkin rock, which is now on top of my ARC tower. It's awesome and everyone was jealous, including my non-bookish friends! But I was not giving that thing up.

After that, the signing started. I bought a copy of The Iron Daughter and got in back of the line. Kelly, a bookstore employee (maybe owner?), came down the line and gave us stickies with our name on them so they could be personalized. While in line, I chatted with Meaghan and Louise and then when I got to the front, Julie said "JAMES!" and I said "JULIE!" and we shook hands and it was fun. I even did a little jig of happiness. Susan was documenting the event and so took a picture of me jigging but it's hard to really tell. I'll do it again at the Maggie Stiefvater/Jackson Pearce event I'm going to on Halloween and we'll video it. It's quite possibly one of the cutest things you've ever seen.

Anyway, I thanked Julie for signing my book and then wandered off and chatted with Susan (when she wasn't photographing), Meaghan, Monica, Louise, and Andrea. As you can see from those names, I was the lone boy blogger, as always. But luckily, Julie's husband was there too, so I wasn't the only guy. YAY!

Julie then signed tons of leftover books and once that was all done, we all made our way over to Bottom's Up, this delicious pizza place a few blocks away. We had a ton of fun, chatting about books, how trilogies seem to be set up (sometimes), characterizations, Biscuitville, how the whole town of Lynchburg was abuzz with a new Walmart opening, book blogging, and also how to protect yourself from the sun when it's coming in from a window opposite you and completely blinding you so that you are unable to see half of the people at your table. Yes, it was a packed lunchtime, but full of laughs and the occasional thought-provoking topic.

After lunch, we wandered back to the parking lot and split up. All that was left was myself, Susan, Monica and Meaghan. I didn't want to go home just yet so I tagged along with them to a used bookstore where I proceeded to buy two used anime DVDs. Because that's what I do in a used bookstore. I buy DVDs. But seriously, I'd wanted both animes (Noir and X) for the longest time and they were really cheap! I was really excited.

Then it was time for us to part and I hugged everyone and went home. It was an awesome day and it was so good to see all my blogging friends that day as well as an awesome author!

Photo 1- Julie and I. She LOVES me! Also, I hate my mouth being that big. I need to tone it down in future photos.
Photo 2- Me doing my Jig o' Joy while Julie gives me a thumbs up.
Photo 3- It may look like Julie's just trying to figure out what to write in that book, but really, she's plotting her world domination.
Photo 4- Julie being forcibly dragged into the picture and also pretending to be Jesus. I think because of her world domination obsession, she thinks she's the Second Coming.
Photo 5- A group shot of all of us! From left to right (back)- Christin (though I thought I heard her name as Rachel *shrugs*), Andrea, moi, and Susan. From left to right (front)- Monica, Julie Kagawa, Louise, and Meaghan.



  2. Coincidentally, I had just read The Iron King and The Iron Daughter last week---loved them! I'm very eager to see how the story turns out.

  3. That day was soooo much fun :) I love getting to see all my book friends. Oh and btw, I am coming on Halloween so I get to see you again soon! Yay! Side note, Kelly is the owner of Fountain, she totally rocks :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I want to see this little jig! :)

  5. looks like you had so much fun! wish i could have been there. so JEALOUS! (especially of the cat-rock!)