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Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Challenge Completed...

Here's my Seven Book Babes vlog, in which I complete (hopefully) one of the challenges posed to me last month by Chelsea and Harmony.

So it's one down, nine more to go. *sigh*


  1. oh no you did not just dis NY! :P Where do you think the bea is? oh and what about Strand? Once I'm done showing you around NY in May, you will want to live there.

    Which Lady Gaga song did you pick? I vote for Just Dance.

  2. LOL OK, lemme explain. I love NYC but I don't think I'd want to live there, lol. I could probably take it for a few days but beyond that, probably not.

    My Lady Gaga song is probably going to be Lovegame. I may put up a poll with a few select songs that I want to do and see which one gets voted the most, but Just Dance won't be on it, lol. I love the song, but not as much as some others.

  3. I don't think I would want to live in NY either. Looking foward to you singing to Lady Gaga! :)

    Another Faust sounds really good. Do you like it so far? It didn't look like you were that far into it yet.

    And you have an award for your awesome blog.


  4. Wow! I did not know I wasn't following you yet! I come here every week to watch your vlogs and I'm not a follower wow! I always go to ur page from Sharons!

  5. Casey- It's an interesting book but yeah, I'm not that far into it. Look for my review on the 22nd.

    Thanks for the award! :)

    Cindy- Aw thanks for following me! :) I really appreciate it.

  6. Ohhhh Sharon is going to geeeet you!~ Dis her NY ouch. I cant wait to see you sing dance to Lady Gaga! LoveGame or Poker Face.. no I think it should be Just Dance!~

  7. NY is amazing. Not that I've ever been there or anything. But I will be there! :P

    And dude, you CHEATED. That was like a quarter of a blog about us cause you were talking about the other dares. *sigh* But unless Chelsea disagrees, I suppose we'll let you get away with it.

    Still working on Dare #10.

    Are you planning on going to BEA?

  8. Harmony- I'll talk to Chelsea about it. She and I still need to talk about coffee and Supernatural, so I'll add this to the list. I really need to email her soon...

    I am hoping that I can come to BEA. I'm contemplating helping to put together a YA Blogger panel, on which I'd appear, of course, but I need to find out who can do it and what we'll do and all that. But apparently, if you have a panel, you get a free ride there (presumably just for the conference, not like airfare or whatever, lol). So I wanna try that. Any way to save on money. But I am going to do my best to be there.