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Saturday, August 8, 2009

In My Mailbox- Week of August 3

So I have defied my ramblings yet again and stayed under 10 minutes in this vlog too, despite yet again having a ton of books to talk about! I'm getting better. :) Also, I did annotations for this one because I was inspired by Kristi who did some in hers. I hope mine are just as funny, if not funnier (not that this is a competition or anything. but I do kinda hope I'm funnier).

List of books (in order):

Heist Society by Ally Carter
The Sweetheart of Prosper County by Jill S. Alexander
Soulstice by Simon Holt
Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink
Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Something to Blog About by Shana Norris
Troy High by Shana Norris
Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson
Drama Queers by Frank Anthony Polito
How Beautiful The Ordinary: An Anthology edited by Michael Cart
A Golden Web by Barbara Quick
The Heart is Not A Size by Beth Kephart
The Snowball Effect by Holly Nicole Hoxter
The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz
The Girl with the Mermaid Hair by Delia Ephron


  1. Nice week, and damn you got alot! Only thing is you didn't show Crazy Beautiful, sad. :(

  2. I am so jealous of A Golden Web! I want that one badly.

  3. I am jealous of Crazy Beautiful, it sounds amazing.

  4. Lilibeth Ramos- Crazy Beautiful is shown, right at the 4 minute mark. I spend a while talking about it, lol.

  5. Heist Society sounds so good! Congrats on a super fantastic week!

  6. LOL! I didn't even realize how many bookmarks I sent you! I just grabbed a handful out of the boxes and put them in. :)

  7. Wow. You had a phenomenal week! Wow, you brought my attention to Heist Society, and I want to read it so badly now. It sounds amazing! I also majorly want to read Troy High and Something to Blog About. Perhaps I'll pick them up at B&N today...

  8. Nice week. Hope you enjoy all your new reads!

  9. Great books this week. I'm looking forward to Crazy Beautiful. Happy reading!

  10. I am so glad you FINALLY got a copy of PSYCH MAJOR SYNDROME (PMS, as I affectionately call it). Thanks for mentioning it in your vlog post!

  11. Great books you got this week. They all look really good. Hope you enjoy reading them all.

  12. You forgot to list Girl with the Mermaid Hair. I literally gasped when you held it up. Oh and Vinyl Princess too! I need to email my ht person.

  13. Ohhh, I love the temporary cover of Heist Society. It's really pretty and simple.

    It seems like you have my dream mailbox. (I think my mailman has been stealing my mail....)

    Have fun with all your fabulous books!!

  14. Shana- Haha, I don't mind. It just means I won't run out of swag for a while. :P

    Alicia- LOL, I didn't even realize that was the abbreviation. That's hilarious. And I'm totally glad I've got a copy now too! Will try and get to it soon!! :)

    Sharon- Thanks for that! I completely forgot I got it, lol. If you want, I can send you Mermaid and Vinyl in a bit. I didn't really ask for them, but I'll read them, write up my reviews, and send them your way if you want. Just let me know!

  15. I'd sell you my soul for Crazy Beautiful. No jokes.

  16. Thanks for including me here! If you need an extra copy of DRAMA QUEERS! for give-away, let me know.

  17. I am Jealous.
    A) Crazy Beautiful.

    I am tres jealous!

  18. @bookchic wow you're so sweet. I would totally review them too. Let me know if I have anything you want.

  19. you should definitely read How Beautiful the Ordinary. i just finished that anthology and there's a great group of YA authors. my favorite story is by emma donohue, called Dear Lang.

  20. Yay! I think The Beth K looks great!!!

  21. LOL you were just shy of 10 minutes ;P Yay! for Harper love!!!! *bows down to the king of ramble*