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Monday, July 13, 2009

*sigh* I've been dared...

So just when I thought I had escaped all this "I DARE YOUUUUUU!!!!" business, I am sucked in. Both Harmony and Chelsea have dared me to do the following 9 things (#10 is forthcoming- am scared as to what it will end up being). Also included is my fun commentary in bold!

James, Chelsea and I dare you to accept this challenge and complete ALL TEN of the items on this list.

1.) Read all of the Twilight series (Not so difficult. Was planning on doing this anyway. Will probably review them as I go as well.)

2.)Write a blog post confessing your love of Edward Cullen (MUST be at least 10 sentences!!) (I'm sure I could do this too. Hell, I might even ACTUALLY love Edward after reading the books. Especially since I will be imagining him as Robert Pattinson. Though I do think Taylor Lautner is a bit hotter- I like guys who are tan.)

3.)Make a vlog of yourself singing/dancing to Lady Gaga. (This will prove a bit more difficult, as this will be HIGHLY embarrassing. What's actually funny though is that I DID record a tiny video a while back where I sang along to Lady Gaga. I sounded HORRIBLE in it. Will have to pick a better song or something. Requests?)

4.)Drink 5 cups of coffee in one morning. (I'm hoping for a reprieve or change on this one, as I don't drink coffee. And neither does my roommate so it's not like I could bum off her or anything. I don't want to buy 5 cups of coffee either.)

5.)Make a vlog about how awesome we (Chelsea and I) are. (This will be easy enough. Will probably make it as soon as I get home. I wish I had my cable with me or else I'd just do it in my car and post it as my SevenBookBabes post for this week. Unfortunately, I don't have the cable, so that also means no SBB post whatsoever. Sorry everyone. :( But more vlogs are coming!!)

6.)Dress up as Harry Potter (as in put a lightning bolt on your forehead), take a picture of yourself, then say hello to 5 random people on the street and blog about their reactions. (This is probably going to be the HARDEST one because I am extremely shy in public and therefore will probably die of nervousness and embarrassment from doing this. Maybe half points if I dress up and take picture? Although I could just wait for Halloween and then it won't be so bad. Yeah. I think I'll do that. AND YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE DARE NOW JUST BECAUSE I FOUND A LOOPHOLE! MWAHAHAHA!)

7.)Watch an episode of Supernatural and draw a picture of Sam and Dean. (This will also be easy, esp. since my roomie and I are getting cable soon. Is the show still on? Are there reruns on sometime? I'd rather start with the first season. Does someone have the DVD of it that they'd let me borrow? As for the picture, it will turn out suckily. I am no artist.)

8.)Write an essay using only Linkin Park lyrics. (How long does this essay have to be? I'll have to read their lyrics at some point... I only remember like one song from them and I'm not even entirely sure it was them. That song "In the End"? Is that even the title? I don't know. Linkin Park is not a band I listen to, as you know if you've seen my CD collection.)

9.) Read the whole Harry Potter series. We *will* be quizzing you on these so cheating will not be accepted. (Not liking the quizzing thing. But I was also planning on reading this at some point anyway. Guess it'll just be sooner rather than later.)

10.) We are still debating on this one and shall let you know when we come up with it. Be prepared to do something BA. (What does BA mean? Bear Attack? Bean Angel? BARN ANIMALS?? Please tell me I don't have to do anything with barn animals...)

This challenge must be completed by BEA 2010.

If you fail this challenge, you must do something embarrassing AND carry all of our books for us.

If you complete this challenge, we will carry all of your books at BEA.

To join the fun, visit the I Dare You Blog.


  1. Talk to Chelsea about the show. I have no clue.

    Linkin Park is the most amazing band EVER and yes "In the End" is one of their songs. If you want to listen to their music, I'll send you their cds.

    Make however long you want - just, you know, not two sentences or something! :)

    This is going to be funn.

    And remember, if you fail, you carry BOTH of our books around at BEA!

    (BA = bad ass though I like barn animals too)

  2. LOL I'm hoping for the barn animals! ;P

  3. This challenge is A LOT more risky now that I just went to ALA. From carrying just my own books, my shoulders are still killing me. Will have to have a dropoff station (a parked car!) for whoever wins, because ow. We'll think on it.

    I'll lend you the first disc of Supernatural. (or season if you think you'll actually like the show).

    I'm thinking on the reprieve for coffee. Maybe I'll send you a starbucks gift card or something, if you make a vlog afterward in return (to show how hyper you are.)

    You suck for the loophole.

    Be prepared for #10.

  4. Some of those, like the coffee and the reading HP ones, are easy, and others are...cruel and unusual. Good luck!

  5. LOL this sounds like it's going to be fun!
    Good Luck, James!

  6. I hope they give you a substitute challenge on the coffee. 5 cups for someone who doesn't drink coffee would just be painful.

  7. Yay! I'm so glad you have been brought into the challenges! They are making me laugh reading them all!

    You should challenge someone back!

  8. Alea! Don't go giving him ideas! lol

  9. Oh but I will! That's the whole fun of it, that you get the challenge someone back muhahahahah!

  10. LOL. They gave you some good ones, James. Although I'm shocked--shocked--that you haven't read the Twilight series yet. Where have you been???

  11. Harmony- lol, I'll use Youtube and a lyrics site. Will try and do at least 3 paragraphs but don't hold me to that. Ah bad ass- that makes more sense.

    Yan- Unfortunately, it was bad ass.

    Chelsea- Maybe just a nearby hotel? It's NYC- cars are not good, lol. Yay first disc- we'll discuss later! :) Keep me posted on the coffee reprieve- I like Harmony's idea of maybe doing soda. I could drink a 2-liter in one morning or something of like Mountain Dew or something else high in caffeine.

    Robbie- lol I know! I feel like I've gotten off a bit easy compared to other bloggers though, so that's good.

    Dinner is here, so I'll come back and comment more later!!