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Sunday, March 29, 2009

In My Mailbox- Week of March 22

After 4 takes, I FINALLY got a good one. You'll hear what happened in the previous first four takes when watching the vlog. I explain right at the beginning.

Coming up this week, I am going to have another bookstore picture post, my third SevenBookBabes video, and maybe another poll or a roundup of all the awards I've gotten recently. Also, check out my review of Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols on the myspace blog! Leave a comment too!


  1. Sweet stash... nice extras too... want that highway to hell postcards... hahahah

    share the wealth!!! hello!

  2. It's funny you mentioned Ted Michael's age, when I got that book I was like "whoa he's 2 years younger than me (i think that's what it was) lol! And that kleenex definitely had to get in there by mistake lol!

  3. LOL. The tissues. Oh man. Probably to give you something to dry your tears of laughter on. :)

    But nice vlog, by the way. I'm not usually a fan of them but I thought I'd finally give them a go and they're turning out to be really fun!

  4. Bwhahaha! TISSUES! That is freaking hilarious! xD

    and oooo you said my name right! :D I was doing a little happy dance when you did ;P

  5. I adore you Vlog's and this one was really good to watch. OMG! When you pulled out the pack of tissues. I laughed so much that I had to stop your vlog for a moment before composing myself. LOL. I loved your book stash for the week and WoW on all the postcards.

  6. Tissues! That's hilarious! You're right, it's got to be a first. At least they were Kleenex and not the really hard generic kind!

    Great books!

  7. YAY! Kleenex! And i'm so glad to hear you finally got that sparkly book! ha!

    I totally feel you about the age/author thing..... i just feel like a, um , waste. Like wow, I'm such a loser, I could have written a book.

  8. LOOOOL!! That's hilarious!! XD Maybe someone accidentally dropped the tissues into the package. Awww...I love your videos!

    Here's my promised post of my Manga bookshelves:

  9. I just won a copy of Going Too Far! I'll go read and comment. I always forget about your myspace blog. You should cross post everything here too. :P

  10. Reverie- Send me your address! I could totally give you one and maybe a few other goodies. :) My email is bookchicclub-at-gmail-dot-com.

    Alea- Haha, go us and noticing age. It's wierd seeing an author's age or birth year in their bio. And I still don't know about the Kleenex- I still have the packaging... maybe I should email the guy who sent it to me and ask?

    Steph Su- Do you mean watching vlogs or doing them? Both are fun, but I'm wondering which part you meant.

    Yan- I like to pride myself on saying peoples' names correctly, so I'm glad I said yours right! And yay for happy dances! :)

    Ravenous Reader- haha, glad I could make you laugh hysterically for several minutes. I love reading comments like these!

    Shalonda- Yes, that's true! These will go well in my car, lol.

    Story Siren- Yay for sparkly book! And I know about the age thing- I mean, I'm proud of these authors for getting published so early in their lives but it's also like why couldn't I have done that? You know?


    Letter Garden- However they got in there, it's free tissues! :) And I'll check out your entry in a second- can't wait to see them!!

    Amee- You know, this could work since I'm not posting on the myspace blog as much, but at the same time, when I've posted that sort of thing on here before (i.e. the FNV stuff), no one seems to comment. So I'm not sure. Thanks though for commenting on the myspace entry!! :)

  11. So I'm reading The Diamonds right now, and he's actually a year younger than me. I wonder if sometimes they do it so the author can brag about how young they are lol. But at the same time I wonder if that could turn people off, you know like "Oh they are so young blah blah"

    Yeah seriously you should ask! My guess is going to be someone threw it in there to carry back to their desk or something and then forgot to take it out before they sealed it!

  12. another great week for you! and I saw Lance Bass speak last fall at my school and he is HILARIOUS! and yeah pretty hot!

  13. argh the damn youtube 10 minute limit! I always have to rush my vlogs. It is just so annoying.

    Tissues??? um yeah that is really weird! Well at least you can use them. Be glad they didn't send you tampons or something.

  14. Haha you were funny in this video. I noticed (or heard) that when you said the release date of Cold Hands Warm Heart, you said that it would be release April 2007.

    That tissue thing was so funny.

  15. Alea- Okies, I will ask and provide the results on here whenever I get them, lol.

    Erika Lynn- I love seeing Lance whenever he's on Kathy Griffin's D-List show because they're so funny together. I wanna be with Lance!! I just looked up to see how old he is and he's about the same age as my sister, which is like 30. That's still fine though, lol.

    sharonanne- I know! What's so special about 10 minutes anyway? Blah. They're stupid. And I'd be worried if tampons came in a package from a publisher, lol. I mean, tissues can make a lot of sense, but tampons? Not so much.

    Carol- OMG I didn't even notice that and I've watched this a couple times!!! I did say April 2007!! Where is my head at?! See what happens when I have to rush? This is all Youtube's fault.