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Sunday, March 22, 2009

In My Mailbox- Week of March 15 Parts 1 and 2 + Book Signing!

Here are my two In My Mailbox posts- the reason for the second one is explained in the second video, lol.

And now, the photo of Susan and I:

I hate how I look in this photo, especially my neck. What the heck is going on there? And my jacket's all crooked and just... ugh. I'm too critical of pictures of myself, lol. Susan however looks amazing and cute and everything. I guess anybody would pale in comparison standing next to her. What if I was between both her and her sister Lauren Myracle? Their combined cuteness and awesomeness would overshadow me- I'd be even more critical of myself in that hypothetical photo, like "Who let Quasimodo stand in between those two lovely, awesome ladies? ... Oh wait, that's me..."

Full (kinda) story of the signing in the first vlog- hope you enjoy it!


  1. BC those gerbils are so cute!

    Very jealous that you have Being Nikki. The Miles Between looks fabulous - I love the whole upside down concept.

    And you do not look like a hunchback but I agree that the sisters are adorable+++

  2. Thanks so much for coming to C'ville! One day we will have to get a pic of you, Lauren and me!

  3. Great as always! Those horse books are totally like American Girls books but about horses lol!

  4. Love your vlog's as usual. Glad you had such a great week :)

  5. Awww! You are fabulous, and I am totally jealous that you and Susan got to hang out (even just a wee bit).

    I must correct you on one small point, however: *I* created *her*, not the other way around... (JK, Suze!!!)

  6. awesome books, you crack me up with all your stories!

    and gerbils!

  7. Adele- Glad you like the gerbils!

    Susan- I hope so!! :) That would be an awesome day for me.

    Brooke- lol please, you're a liar. :P hehe

    Alea- That's my favorite part of the whole vlog, lol. That comparison is awesome.

    Ravenous Reader- Thanks for the comment!

    Lauren- Thanks for commenting! And I apologize for making that mistake of who created who- I forgot sometimes! And you so should have been with us!!

    Kristi- I'm glad you enjoy my stories! :) And my gerbils, hehe.

    Book Resort- Thanks so much for the comment!!

  8. the gerbils are adorable! and The Miles Between looks so good and I also have Spring Break up but I know it is part of a series and I haven't read what comes before it. Hope you had a good time with your parents!