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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bookshelves, Packages, and Cats- Oh My!

Yes, it's the picture post you've all been waiting for, but it'll be shown over two parts. Yes, because I have that many books but also a lot of pics (and a video!) to show you that are not book-related. So here we go, starting off with a bookshelf pic and interspersing them with other pics:

Here is the top half of the bookcase that you see behind me in all the vlogs I do! As you can see, this has one shelf of the VC Andrews books (I have them in chronological order). You'll also see a shelf of CDs here too- feel free to take a gander at what kind of music I have. You'll see other CDs in other pictures too, lol.

Here is the stack of stuff that I talked about in this past week's In My Mailbox vlog. As you can see, there is a knife on the left with which to open the boxes, and my laptop is on the right. Doesn't my laptop look sleek and shiny? I love it!

And yes, that is my bed.

In a short photo session with my cat Samson, this was the best picture of the bunch (don't worry, there are better ones below and more in the next picture post). Doesn't it look like the kind of picture that you'd find in a yearbook or on a driver's license. By that, I mean, a horrible picture that, if Samson were human, he'd be embarassed about me posting on the internet for all to see. He is still cute though.

And yes, that is my hoodie hanging on the chair.

This was the beginning of my clean-up-all-the-loose-books phase that I went through this past week. I used the two Amazon boxes from the picture above to put books in! Having these boxes is helping a LOT. Some fun things of note include the UK edition of Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot (re-titled Tommy Sullivan is a Freak there) that I got from Meg when she was giving out copies of her books on her blog (I also got She Went All the Way, which will be in another picture), my copy of Breathing by Cheryl Renee Herbsman, a signed copy of Angel's Choice by Lauren Baratz-Logsted that I won in a contest on her blog a while back, and This is Not ChickLit, an anthology that I won from a readergirlz chat.

I just looked at this picture on my laptop just now and it made me laugh hysterically. Just because his head looks all 3-D like I'm wearing those silly glasses and his face is jumping out of the screen at me. This is from the second photo shoot, which was much more successful and included a VERY cute video, which I'll post next time. However, I can send you guys another video that is only 2 seconds long (because I forgot the camera was on video and not picture) but is still so adorable if you send me an email. My address is bookchicclub-at-gmail-dot-com. Obviously the at is replaced with @ and dot is replaced by . and all the dashes aren't there. The reason I can send it over email is that apparently, it's only like 600KB, lol.

And yes, that is the bread I eat.

I'm skipping over the next closeup of Samson's face (that'll be posted next time) in favor of this ADORABLE picture, which is also very similar to what he does in the longer video that I'll post next time. He is so CUTE!!! I love him.

And now, the final picture, featuring the bottom half of the bookcase seen behind me in the vlogs I do:

This is mainly my VC Andrews and Meg Cabot shelves. Highlights here include a signed copy of Ready or Not from when I met Meg at the National Book Festival in 2005 (I also had my copy of An Improper Proposal, seen in the top half of this bookcase, and signed as well), a signed ARC of Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley.

PS I apologize for the glare in some of these pics. I took them at night, so I only have my lamp on and so my camera has to do a flash, which sometimes ruins the picture.

PPS Showing off my VC Andrews collection here will be done in place of the final vlog I never got around to posting as part of the VC Andrews Vlog Trilogy since the video is 13 minutes long and I have no idea how to cut it in half so that I can post it on Youtube.


  1. I love that you put your VCA in chronological order -I do the same thing, though yours look better since you just have the newer, brighter ones and I have all the darker, older ones.

  2. Great shelves and great package! Definitely read Oh.My.Gods first--it was awesome!

  3. Haha okay Samson is really freaking cute! :D He has the best face I've ever seen on a kitty.

  4. ZOMG Yay! When I saw your blog title I did squeal quite a bit.

  5. awh I'm totally coming over now to steal Samson and some of your books.

  6. I'm so jealous of some of the books you have! I was salivating. :P

    I love that you have S Club 7 cds! They're my guilty pleasure music along with Clay Aiken. I rarely publicly admit to listening to either because I always get weird looks if I do. lol

  7. Ohh I love the pictures. Your cat is adorable and I want all your books. :)


  8. Ahhhh, a knife on your bed!!! You live dangerously!

    LOL...Samson's smiling balloon face! He's too cute!

  9. Taren- Thanks! I used to put my Meg Cabot books in order, but that just looks silly, so I do them by series now. And haha, yeah, like I said in the history vlog, I am very much attracted to shiny, colorful covers, hehe. But yeah, whenever I settle into a final apartment or house with a steady job, I may alphabetize all my books, lol. I'm OCD organized like that.

    Bookworm- I haven't shown off my (official) TBR shelf yet. Although there really isn't an official shelf, lol. Books I have yet to read are all over the place. Breathing just happened to be nearby when I put that box together and so it's in there. I read Oh. My. Gods. last year and had Tera as a Fresh New Voice of YA. I'm really excited to read the sequel.

    Alea- lol, that's all you have to say?

    Brooke- Haha thanks! :) He is a cutie.

    sharonanne- I hope you say hi before stealing stuff! lol It would suck if you came by without visiting with me a bit. :P

    Amee- Haha, which books in particular? Maybe I'll lend you them once I actually have money. As for S Club 7, I LOVE THEM!! I'm the king of cheesy pop music, lol. I have lots more aside from S Club 7, lol.

    Lauren- hehe thanks! :)

    Letter Garden- It was only there to open the boxes. I don't usually keep a knife there- it came from the kitchen, lol. However, I do still live dangerously.

  10. Yes and I will tell you why. :P I've decided I better not look at blog posts in the morning when I'm supposed to be getting ready to leave for work. But I just had to look at yours but didn't have time for a real message!

    I did think that knife was rather menacing though! And I was really hoping we'd get to see what was in those packages, i suppose that will happen in one of your in my mailbox posts!

  11. Alea- The two packages on top were the WTF books from Random House, and the two Amazon boxes were something else I'd rather not discuss, lol.

  12. HAHAHAHAHA! Fine fine, will not ask (yet)!

  13. You bring such joy to my world!

    I was cheesing as I was looking at all those books (Wanda Sykes!!!) and the CDs! You have great taste!

    And you and Sharon are killing me! I am not supposed to like cats, I never have, but you two are making me want one more and more!

  14. You have so many great books! I so want to come steal some of your books! :P

  15. I'm taking that knife as a warning not to steal any books :P LOL!

  16. Alea- lol, I'll never tell, even in private. Also, thanks for keeping away people who want to steal my books, lol.

    Shalonda- I love Wanda! I also have her Tongue Untied DVD. Her book is absolutely hilarious. And thanks for the compliments on my musical taste!

    And cats rock!

    Carolina- All you have to do is ask (when I have money) to borrow a book or two and I can send! :) No need to steal!

    The Voter- Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the cat pics! :)

  17. Hilarious kitty pics! Keep em coming!