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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fresh New Voice of YA- Excerpt Vlogs and In My Mailbox

Hey everyone!

Before I show off the vlogs, just a couple notes:

1) Go check out my interview with Amanda Ashby, which is filled with hilarious answers to my questions over here on the Myspace blog!

2) Both The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan and Zombie Queen of Newbury High by Amanda Ashby are both in stores now!! :)

3) I apologize for the lighting in the second vlog. I explain it all in the vlog itself. I hope to do a reshoot of it when I have the alone time.

4) Also, be sure to look at the concluding picture post that I posted last night- only 2 people commented so far!

And now, the vlogs!:

(This may still be processing, so watch the excerpts first!)


  1. I look forward to reading Zombie Queen and Forest of Hands and Teeth!

  2. BC - you are so cool! Have you had a hair cut as well? I like! And man am I dying to read Carrie's book!

  3. They both sound great! I'm patiently waiting for some money to fall from the sky so that I can buy them!

  4. I'm commenting about the award thingy, like you said. =0

  5. both your readings were AMAZING. and again, i think i am going to come camp out by your mailbox.

  6. oh and i just saw your comment over at Amanda Ashby's blog and if you stop doing the vlogs I will cry. Ok, maybe i won't actually cry but I will be sad because I really like them!

  7. Amanda- Aw thanks!! And yes, I did get a haircut- my dad made me, but everyone seems to like it, lol.

    Melissa- Well, for Amanda's, not too much money will have to fall! It's only $8. Good luck getting the money!

    Erika- Awww ok! :) I'll prolly ask about it sometime next week though. I do enjoy doing them.