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Friday, May 17, 2013

Skylark by Meagan Spooner

Skylark by Meagan Spooner
"Vis in magia, in vita vi. In magic there is power, and in power, life.

For fifteen years, Lark Ainsley waited for the day when her Resource would be harvested and she would finally be an adult. After the harvest she expected a small role in the regular, orderly operation of the City within the Wall. She expected to do her part to maintain the refuge for the last survivors of the Wars. She expected to be a tiny cog in the larger clockwork of the city.

Lark did not expect to become the City's power supply.

For fifteen years, Lark Ainsley believed in a lie. Now she must escape the only world she's ever known...or face a fate more unimaginable than death."- summary from Amazon

I really enjoyed this book, though I don't think it's for everyone. There's very little dialogue, at least not until the end, and Lark spends a lot of time trying to get somewhere. So there's a lot of prose and internal thoughts and occasionally events happen for some excitement. If you're looking for more of an action book, this isn't it. But I loved following along on Lark's journey and her voice made it easy to read the book and it kept a good pace.

Spooner does a good job setting up her world in such a short space since Lark escapes within the first 100 pages, and of course Lark compares the new world to the one she just left, and also reminisces about it. It's interesting the way magic is used and utilized in various settings, and it's clever to have it be used in more than one way. It's very versatile.

I'm intrigued to see where the story goes next (there's two more books) and I hope to spring back into Lark's world soon!

FTC: Received hardcover at BEA (signed!). Link above is an Amazon Associate link; any profit goes toward funding contests.

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