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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Signing Recap- Sarah Dessen at Flyleaf Books

So last month on April 16, I attended the kick-off event for Sarah Dessen's What Happened to Goodbye paperback tour in Chapel Hill at the awesome Flyleaf Books. This is my fourth time seeing her (she joins the legion of authors-I've-seen-multiple-times like Maggie Stiefvater, Jodi Meadows, and Melissa Marr) and it's just so much fun. Added into the mix was her awesome publicist and a friend of mine Elyse! It was great seeing them both again.

So anyway, I drove down, grabbed a VERY quick dinner beforehand and got some expensive gas (my tank actually hit E just as I pulled in), then headed over to Flyleaf. I got there just a few minutes before the event started, so was only able to say a quick hello to Elyse before going to find a seat. The place was PACKED. I was one of like four males in attendance (one of whom was Sarah's husband)- not sure if they were just with their girl friends or if they really did like Sarah and her books. I found a seat and started reading The Moon and More while I waited for the event to start.

A bookstore employee (maybe the owner- can't remember!) introduced Sarah and then Sarah talked a little bit about What Happened to Goodbye, and also gave a little hint of The Moon and More. She even read an excerpt- the beginning of the book, which I'd just read, lol. So I was like "I just read that and now I'm hearing it!"

After that, she took questions for about half an hour, ranging from inspiration to her favorite boy and girl main characters to write to the editorial process. Sarah's very funny and I love listening to her speak. After the QnA, she signed books. I stayed near the back of the line because I wanted a picture and a chance to chat with her a bit. Since I had a TON of time (like I said, it was packed so the line was very long), I started more of The Moon and More. This girl behind me looked at the cover and asked "Where did you get that?" She was the first person to ask, though MANY girls had walked by and looked at me puzzlingly. I told her that Sarah's publicist had sent it to me and that I'm a book blogger. I gave her my last business card that I had with me (forgot to stock my wallet with them before I left) and we struck up a conversation and gave each other book recommendations. She was actually a graduate student at UNC and was doing her thesis project on Sarah Dessen, so she used me as a source. We were only able to do one question before we got up to Sarah. Sarah waved at me and was like "James, hello!!" (which made me feel good inside; I like authors who are nice to me) and we chatted for a few minutes while she signed my ARC. I got a picture with her and Elyse, who I had to include because she's an awesome publicist and I love seeing her.

I found out the girl's name was Melissa, and after we got our books signed, we sat down and had a little mini-interview. It was nice for me because I love being asked questions (well, ones I can answer); seriously, if you see me at an event, just ask me a bunch of questions about books, blogging and writing and it will be a fun time. But anyway, she's using me as a source for her project, which was very sweet of her.

I almost forgot- while she and I were chatting, some young girl came up to us and asked how I'd gotten an ARC of The Moon and More. I pointed to Elyse, and said "Sarah's publicist sent it to me." Then, as I was explaining WHY she sent it to me ("I'm a book blogger."), the girl just said "Oh" and walked away IN THE MIDDLE OF MY TALKING. I only said two sentences! You can't stick around for both? While it was rude, it was also pretty funny.

Since we had been chatting, the line had finished, so Sarah was just signing stock and getting ready to leave. I hung around for a few minutes, then said bye to everyone. I thought it was funny that we all had to get up early the next day- them at 5am for a plane, me at 5:30 for work. I got all the way to my car before realizing I should have used the restroom so I went back in and asked where it was, then used it. I'm really hoping those booksellers know I was there for the event and was not just there to use the bathrooms, then leave.

All in all, another fun book event and I may go see Sarah again during her tour next month. We shall see!

Pic 1- The outside of Flyleaf Books
Pic 2- The LONG signing line (you can see a bit of Sarah's table on the left there)
Pic 3- Me, Elyse, and Sarah (from l to r)
Pic 4- Sarah signing stock and also the huge poster they had made for the event. How cool is that?!

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  1. This event sounds like it was AMAZING. I really, really want to meet Sarah Dessen one day, as I've loved majority of her books! I'm glad you had a good time, and it's so cool that Melissa used you as a source for her paper!