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Friday, May 10, 2013

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
"Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. It’s while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen's not fully convinced that Emma's the one he's been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves that Emma and her Gift may be the only thing that can save his kingdom. He needs her help--no matter what the risk."- summary from Amazon

I'd been wanting to read this book for a while, but hadn't gotten around to it until a blogger friend of mine asked for my copy of the sequel when I was looking to get rid of some books (I'm running out of room!). Of course, as soon as she asked, I was like "Can you wait a bit while I read both books?" LOL. Luckily, she agreed.

And I gotta say, I'm actually glad I waited until now to read this book because that HUGE cliffhanger of an ending made me want the sequel right away. Seriously, if you haven't yet read Of Poseidon, wait until Of Triton comes out so you can read both back-to-back.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. Banks' debut is a great take on Syrenas (aka mermaids, but don't call them that to their faces), filled with some wonderful mythology, humor, and a lovely romance. First off, the mythology is nice and well thought-out. It was fun learning it all as Emma learned about it, and made the story compelling. The humor was another bright spot; if there's humor in a book, it really endears me to it and I'll admit that I laughed out loud a few times.

The romance was fun and I liked seeing Galen and Emma's interactions morph into romance. They're a cute couple. What made it interesting was Banks' idea of switching POVs between the two of them. I liked being able to see their perspectives on certain events and learn what the other was thinking. With this, we got a lot of different settings in case Emma and Galen happened to be apart.

Overall, a fun debut and I definitely recommend this if you're looking for a good romance or mermaid/Siren read.

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  1. I've heard good and bad things about Of Poseidon, so I'm still kind of on the fence about reading it. I've been craving a good mermaid book for a looong time, so maybe I'll try it out :)

  2. I just got this one from the library! I'm intrigued by it, but also wary as mermaid books have never really been my thing. Here's to hoping I like it as much as you do!

  3. This story is a good read for adults and young adults. Full of relationship and fun. If you're looking for a good book that's hard to put down. This is for you.