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Monday, September 24, 2012

Wuftoom by Mary G. Thompson

Wuftoom by Mary G. Thompson
"Everyone thinks Evan is sick ... Everyone thinks science will find a cure. But Evan knows he is not sick, he is transforming. Evan's metamorphosis has him confined to his bed, constantly terrified, and completely alone. Alone, except for his visits from the Wuftoom, a wormlike creature that tells him he is becoming one of them.

Clinging to his humanity and desperate to help his overworked single mother, Evan makes a bargain with the Vitflies, the sworn enemies of the Wuftoom. But when the bargain becomes blackmail and the Vitflies prepare for war, whom can Evan trust? Is saving his humanity worth destroying an entire species, and the only family he has left?"- summary from Amazon

This was a very interesting book. Thompson has created an imaginative underworld full of things that go bump in the night that's simulataneously fascinating and repulsive (I'm squeamish when it comes to bugs). As Evan adjusts into the Wuftoom world, there are descriptions of other creatures, some of which they eat. I do think young boys would like this kind of book though; there's gross descriptions but also a depth to Evan's predicament that will hopefully provide some questions about good and evil and if there's really such a thing as well as why there's war among other things.

Overall, this is a greatly crafted book though the ending is a bit vague and it makes me wonder if there's a sequel coming. I'd definitely like to see what's happening next as well as more backstory and history on these creatures.

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