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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Classroom by Robin Mellom

The Classroom by Robin Mellom
"A documentary crew has descended upon Westside Middle School to detail the life of an average seventh grader and his classmates.

What they uncover, though, is far from average. Mostly, it is upper average along with moments of extreme average, highlighted by several minutes of total epicness.

Trevor Jones has been preparing for the start of seventh grade his entire summer. But he is NOT ready for the news his best friend, Libby, drops on him at the bus stop: he needs to branch out and make new friends. Oh, and he must ask a girl to the fall dance. By the end of the day.

Trevor decides that he would rather squirt hot sauce in his eyes than attend the dance. Everything changes, though, when he meets mysterious new student Molly. Trevor starts to think that going to the dance maybe wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. But with detention-wielding teachers, school gossips, and, worst of all, eighth graders conspiring against him, Trevor will have to do the one thing he wasn’t prepared to do: be epic."- summary from Amazon

I loved Mellom's YA debut and her middle-grade debut didn't let me down either. I loved reading this story and the illustrations were great to look at too and complimented the story really well; I loved being able to see the drawn characters. I laughed out loud a lot while reading this book and would love to read more about Trevor's adventures. I really hope this becomes a series.

Overall, such a pitch-perfect novel that will definitely appeal to middle-graders with its unique format. Definitely check this one out!

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