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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender

From Bad to Cursed by Katie Alender
"Alexis is the last girl you'd expect to sell her soul. She already has everything she needs—an adorable boyfriend, the perfect best friend, and a little sister who’s finally recovering after being possessed by an evil spirit.

Alexis is thrilled when her sister joins a club: new friends are just what Kasey needs. It’s strange, though, to see how fast the girls in the Sunshine Club go from dorky and antisocial to gorgeous and popular. Then Alexis learns that the girls have pledged an oath to a seemingly benevolent spirit named Aralt. Worried that Kasey’s in over her head again, Alexis and her best friend, Megan, decide to investigate by joining the club themselves. Soon, Alexis trades in her pink hair and punky clothes for a mainstream look, and finds herself reveling in her newfound elegance and success.

The club’s connection with Aralt seems harmless, and before long, Alexis can hardly remember why she joined in the first place.Surely it wasn’t to destroy Aralt. . . . Why would she hurt someone who has given her so much, and asked for so little in return?"- summary from Amazon

OMG THIS BOOK IS CREEPY! I really enjoyed the first book in the series and this follow-up really brought the creepy. It just builds slowly over the course of the book and really gets under your skin. It's not pop-out scary but rather psychologically scary and Alender does a really good job with it.

Catching up with the characters from the first book was really nice. Before the creepiness starts, the reader is reintroduced to everybody and there's some great humor between the characters. Their interactions are really fun and realistic.

I also enjoyed how Alender built the origins of Aralt and had the characters do their research. It was interesting to find out everything along with them. The ending was unexpected and action-packed and I just loved it.

Overall, a fantastic sequel and I can't wait to read the third book in the series!

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  1. This sounds like an episode of old-school Buffy--and I mean that in a good way! I don't tend to read a lot of creepy books (I scare easy) but this sounds fun.

  2. I also loved book 1 and can't wait to read this one! Sounds like it won't disappoint. Great review! Thanks :)

  3. Yay! Thank you so much for the happymaking review! :-)

  4. gargphgirf. I don't need another series to get into (that's a lie)

    Creepy is good. Thanks for an enjoyable review (this is the truth)

  5. Cool! I was also skeptical about starting this series, but...hey! I love my creepy books.