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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ask Book Chic (24)

It's been a while but Ask Book Chic is finally back! Ask Book Chic is a semi-regular feature where I answer various questions from readers. Questions can be submitted on any of these posts at any time and they can be about anything. I'm an open book. Now let's get to today's wonderful questions!

WriterWannabeAishah asks "What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you?"

Well, interesting things usually happen to me while on my way to book signings. I tend to have adventures even though I don't want one, lol. I'm pretty much a bystander yet all this stuff happens. You can read about them in previous book signing recaps. Aside from those, not much happens to me, though recently, I was leaving the public library and while on my way to my car, I saw this black woman kinda walking toward me but I didn't know her so I swiftly got in my car and tried to look busy on my phone. I didn't want to just peel out of there, you know? Unfortunately that didn't stop her so she knocked on my window and I rolled it down. She asked for any money I could give her because her ride's car had broken down and couldn't pick her up to go get her kids in Bedford (about a 30 minute drive from Lynchburg). Actually I think she also asked if I could give her a ride; obviously, I said no. I also had no cash or change on me because I never do as I use my credit card for everything.

So then she was like "I just have no money for a cab to get there and I'm worried about my kids. I really don't want to have to prostitute myself." Yes, she actually said that. There are phones everywhere; someone's bound to let you use it to call a friend who has a working car. Just because you have no money doesn't mean you automatically need to go to prostitution to get some. I apologized for her situation and that I hoped she would find a way home soon. And then I got out of there. It was just bizarre.

I've also been helped by a drunk homeless man in DC (I think he was drunk; maybe he was just homeless. I can't remember) when I couldn't figure out where a restaurant was and he asked me for change 4 times even though I'd told him I had none. It's like, no, I haven't suddenly brought change into existence in the minute between questions. Thank you for your help, but now go away.

Em asks "I want to know, if your cats were to read YA, what authors/titles would they most enjoy (this can be cat by cat if necessary) OR what YA authors/books are most symbolic of your feline friends?"

This was a hard question for me, lol. It's a really interesting one though. I'll probably go by genre because that's easiest. Samson loves to cuddle with us, is affectionate to his family, and is pretty carefree so I kinda see him reading a happy book, maybe a romance or just a funny book. Farley and Meeko are kinda mischievous and like to sneak around, so maybe like a spy book for them. Pearl's a bit special in the head so I don't see him making it past picture books, lol. Maya might want something like dystopian since she hates her family and can be a bit of a witch-with-a-b sometimes so she might enjoy reading something bleak, lol. Not sure about Khali though; maybe fun little romances too?

HayleyAG asks "My question is what advice you have for new bloggers on how they can generate more followers?"

Don't focus so much on getting followers. They will come eventually, but only if you keep producing good content. So just stick to some sort of schedule whether you post every day or maybe every other day or however you'd like to do it. Having consistency is a good thing.

Leaving good comments on other blogs is helpful too but don't just spam the comments section. If you have something to say, say it. If you don't, just move on. Through comments, both the blog owner and their readers can see what's being said and if what you say strikes a chord with them, they'll check out your blog and hopefully follow you. You can also tweet out the link to your posts and people can check it out that way too, but be sure to also use it for other things too so it isn't all just links.

In your own comments section, try and reply to people who leave comments on your blog. You don't have to do this all the time but engage yourself in the discussion if you think there's one there. Someone may leave a comment on one of your reviews with a different take on something you mentioned in your review. Perfect opportunity for a reply and to start a discussion.

You can also do contests and as an extra entry, have people follow your blog but I don't like doing that. It's just empty following most of the time just so they can get the extra entry and if they don't win (or maybe even if they do), you may never see them again. I haven't done that at all and I've got 644 followers; it's taken me 4 years to do that (in a sense; since I was on Myspace first then moved here, I had a built-in following already who just followed me over here). It's just a slow and steady rise and I appreciate everyone who follows me.


  1. You know, I never thought about it but I don't think my dog would make it past picture books either.
    Genre-wise, he would probably like fluffy romances, he thinks he's a lap dog even though he weights, like, 75 pounds.

    And I loved your advise on the last question :)

  2. Great ending question, its so true.