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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday (on a Sunday)- Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowitz

Craig, for the first time in nearly a year, wakes up in Silver Spring, Maryland on October 2nd, 2002 to a house devoid of chirping, barking, and mewing. Between twilight and daylight, somehow his entire menagerie escaped. All the animals that he'd collected since his old boyfriend was dragged away to the psych ward. Gone.

Lio, the post-cancer kid transfer student from New York City, doesn't like to talk. But he does like Craig. His new therapist says he's "a little fucked up." Craig just says, if he has the time, could he help him put up posters?

At 5:20 PM, when their stack of posters is about halfway out and Lio surprises Craig with a kiss, the sniper shootings begin.

Ten people died in the D.C. sniper shootings. This is the story of two of the boys who didn't.

OK, I know it's weird to post a Waiting on Wednesday on a Sunday but I just don't have time to put this on a Wednesday and I don't want to wait to show off this book. I just found out about it last night. What happened was this- I was on Twitter and someone had retweeted one of Hannah's tweets about having been finagled out of an ARC by a family member. Then I read Hannah's bio and saw the title Gone Gone Gone which I remembered Scott Tracey tweeting about wanting it. So I go and look it up on GoodReads and after reading the summary, I was like "OMG WANT NOW!". Unfortunately, it doesn't come out until 2012 (maybe very early 2012 and they will have ARCs at BEA? Probably won't happen but I can hope- well, until someone smashes my dreams).

But I am excited for it because A) Gay main characters! B) with romance! and C) DC sniper shootings. Now, I'm not excited about the shootings because they were horrible and I lived in the area when they happened so that was not a fun time. But I've never seen them mentioned in a book so I want to see how Hannah deals with it.

So does anyone else want this book and is eagerly anticipating it and also wants to pester Simon and Schuster at BEA for it? I want to give them a business card of mine that says on the back- "Send me Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowitz ARC as soon as it arrives!"


Maybe I will...

(Side note: I just saw the tagline on the cover below the title. Is that real? Or just a joke?)


  1. I am the CREEPY AUTHOR who stalks posts of her books, don't even worry about it :)

    I don't think arcs will be at BEA, sorry! They haven't been printed yet, and I don't think there are plans to get them there in time.

    The tagline is a joke until we come up with a real one. :)

    And I wanted a book about the sniper shootings too.

    Also thank you and you're the greatest. I'll go back to self-googling and shutting up now. :)

  2. bahaha, I love you Hannah. And I've been wanting this for FOREVER, James...ever since I first heard Hannah talk about it. It sounds amazing and I'm really sad it's not coming out until next year as well.


  3. Bahaha, that tagline! Even if it's not real, it's hilarious!

    I've seen Hannah talking about Gone Gone Gone on Twitter, and I'm eagerly anticipating it, too. It sounds awesome!