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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Royal Treatment by Lindsey Leavitt

The Royal Treatment by Lindsey Leavitt
"What girl wouldn’t swoon over the outrageous perks in Desi's life as a princess substitute? Desi gets to hang out with crush-worthy Prince Karl, and the Façade agency has taken a special interest in her magical abilities. But between sub training, starting the eighth grade, and dealing with the cute-but-bossy new boy Reed, she’s beginning to feel like she’s in over her head. Even worse, when Desi learns a secret about the magic that keeps Façade running, she realizes that not everything is as perfect as it seems."- summary from Amazon

I thought Princess for Hire was so cute and funny, and I couldn't believe that I had waited so long to read the sequel. As soon as I took my break from blogging and from following a set reading schedule, this was the second book I picked up to read (Last Little Blue Envelope was the first, and it was actually next to Royal Treatment on my shelf, lol). I was so not disappointed.

I loved returning to Desi's life and her funny voice, plus all the new princess missions she had and learning more about Facade. There were some interesting twists and turns throughout the book, though I did spot one (which never happens to me) about halfway through that wasn't revealed until the end. Leavitt also has a great sense of humor, and I gotta say that the beauty pageant scenes were absolutely hilarious.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this! I'm excited to see where the third and final book takes us and I'm glad that it's just two months away from release, though I do want it now. But I'm sad to see Desi go in that final book.

FTC: Received ARC from publisher. Link above is an Amazon Associate link; any profit goes toward funding contests.

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