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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meandering Monday- Jon Skovron signing recap

The other day, I made the small trek to Richmond, VA to see Jon Skovron talk about and sign his new novel, Misfit, which I reviewed on the day of the signing. Susan of Wastepaper Prose and I had made plans to hang out with Jon beforehand at a really cool diner called The Village Cafe. It was an awesome time, even though I got a bit lost and arrived late. We chatted about a bunch of things- what we were reading, TV shows, the importance of blurbs on books (Jon was actually reading an upcoming book to give his first blurb to), among many other things.

When we finished at the cafe, we all took our separate cars over to Fountain Bookstore and the signing got started after a bit. It was a small turnout- 4 other people as well as Susan and I- but it was nice to have an intimate setting because there was some good back-and-forth talking and discussion of Jon's book and all the mythology behind it. I also found out that Misfit could be the start of a trilogy, though it stands pretty good on its own, in case the other two books don't happen.

Once the talk and QnA was over, Jon got ready to sign some books. I went up first and Jon was kind enough to give me several of the Misfit bookmarks and postcards he had brought to give out, so if you get a package from me, I'll be including those. They're really pretty and I love how Jon did them. After he signed my book, I chatted with Susan for a bit until the other people left. Susan was kind enough to take a photo of Jon and I, and Jon wanted to try a certain expression for the photo. He chose serious, but he doesn't seem to be doing a serious face; he may have still been telling me not to smile, lol.

After my photo was taken, I took one of Susan and Jon. They did two expressions- mean and then extremely happy. Obviously the one I'm showing is the extremely happy one. When that was done, we all got ready to head out; Jon and I had two hour drives ahead of us, and Susan had plans for the evening. But that didn't stop Susan and I from chatting for a few minutes at our cars about books and blogging. She was also kind enough to give me her extra copies of Without Tess by Marcella Pixley and Between the Sky and the Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore, both of which I'm really excited about, especially Jaclyn's because I loved Magic Under Glass and have been eagerly waiting to read this for over a year now (she told me about it at ALA last summer). All in all, it was a really fun day and I'm so glad I was able to go.

All photos courtesy of the fabulous Susan from Wastepaper Prose.


  1. Jealous! I can't wait to read Misfit...it's in my TBR pile. I love the serious face. I haven't read Magic Under Glass (I know...bad me) but Jaclyn is the author who lives the closest to me. Apparently she lives in ORLANDO and she said she might come to Tampa before she leaves for a signing because she hadn't known that she had any fans in Tampa. I am getting a copy of BETWEEN THE SEA AND SKY so I'm really excited :)

  2. Thanks so much for being there! We had Jon sign a bunch of copies. Your fabulous readers can order them here!


  3. Glad you thought the discussion was interesting. I didn't want to steer it in any particular direction but I was curious about those things I asked. So of course I thought it was very interesting. ;)
    And it did help me appreciate the book a lot more.

    You're right, the postcards and bookmarks he did - himself! - are pretty nifty looking.

    Now I have to go check out your review of his book.

    And the other books you mentioned.
    Egads, so many books to read.
    [so many to read before the James River Writers Conference in October]

    Thanks for the recap and pictures.

    Altho' I'm rather glad I didn't see his Extremely happy face one Before I read his book. ;)
    It would have taken on entirely new / different 'faces' I think. ;)

  4. Looks like you had an awesome time!! LOVE the really happy picture. LOL