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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good + Bad News and Blog News

Good News: I had a fantastic date the other day. I went to the Ann Brashares signing and met up with someone. He was a bit out of place (well, so was I, I guess) with all the pre-teen girls around, but he took it all in stride. His name's Davin and he is so adorable and quite the hottie. He took a picture of me with Ann Brashares, which I'll be posting tomorrow or Saturday. Anyway, we went to Red Robin afterward for dinner, which was SO GOOD. I'd never been there before and it was great. I then followed him back to his place, did some stuff online, watched Mythbusters and spent the night. He had to leave for work early in the morning, but he let me sleep in as long as I wanted. Had IHOP for breakfast with a friend and then drove all the way back to my apartment. Hopefully, this will turn into something more. I really like him a lot.

Bad News: I got a call today from my temp agency. There's no more data entry jobs, but I am now on the list for a 3rd shift position doing document prep for the same company. However, it doesn't start until February 23. So now, I'm looking for a more steady job. But at least I've got a job lined up now. This sucks.

Although, on the plus side, I can get lots of reading done. I just won't have any income coming in.


Blog News: Over at the Myspace blog, I've got A.S. King there as part of a Feature Week. Check out the interview with her and my review of Dust of 100 Dogs. The guest blog will be up Saturday.

I also have a vlog up on Jocelyn's Teen Book Review site. Go check it out here! It's all about how I got into blogging.

And check out my review of The Navigator and City of Time by Eoin McNamee over on GuysLitWire!

As for this blog, another picture post will be up either tomorrow or Saturday. In My Mailbox vlog will be up on Sunday. Still no idea when the final part of the VCA Vlog Trilogy will be up- I still need to figure out how to split the video into two parts. Does anyone know how to do that?


  1. You went on a date to BOOK SIGNING? That may just be the best date ever. I need to find a guy who will take me to a book signing as a date. I think finding one will be difficult though, unfortunately.

  2. So glad you're date went well! Good luck.

    And hey, a job lined up is better than what a lot of people have. ^_^

  3. meeting boys in bookstores is the best. The. Best.

  4. Aaaw, that's so great! I'm so happy for you. Plus, he sounds totally awesome--he was at an Anne Brashares booksigning, and he took you to Red Robins, boy he is a keeper!

  5. hi! i saw your comment on the page flipper's site. i'd be happy to send you a silver phoenix arc if you'd like! just email me your addy! and thanks for your interest! yay! pon.cindy@gmail.com

    happy friday and cheers!

  6. I do agree with Khy...a book signing would be a great start to a date. I really hope it all works out!

    Booo....sorry about the job. I hope you can find something else that works better.


  7. *your

    Sorry, I'm having Grammar Issues.

  8. Yay for great dates and potential BFs! I agree that we need to see a pic. (And, btw, VERY impressed that you blogged about him immediately. Does he know of your bloggiliciousness? Is he reading your every thought?) :) xo

  9. Khy- Usually it's only cuz that's what I'm in the area for, so we just meet up. *shrugs*

    Liv- Very true, hence why I agreed to taking on the third shift. Thanks for the good luck wishes! :)

    Sarah- LOL very true.

    Just Blinded- He paid for dinner too, hehe. He treats me so well.

    Lauren- Thanks!!

    Alexa- Actually, he blogged about me while I was still at his place Wednesday morning and he was at work. I waited a bit, lol. And no, he doesn't know yet that I blogged about him too- I'll let him know though tomorrow, lol.

    Or maybe tonight, if he's online. He IS online, so I'll tell him now, lol.

  10. I am so glad you had a wonderful date. I hope everything works out for you guys!!! He sounds like a keeper.

  11. well.. it's like I knew!