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Monday, August 27, 2012

One Moment by Kristina McBride

One Moment by Kristina McBride
"This was supposed to be the best summer of Maggie’s life. Now it’s the one she’d do anything to forget.

Maggie remembers hanging out at the gorge with her closest friends after a blowout party. She remembers climbing the trail with her perfect boyfriend, Joey. She remembers that last kiss, soft, lingering, and meant to reassure her. So why can’t she remember what happened in the moment before they were supposed to dive? Why was she left cowering at the top of the cliff, while Joey floated in the water below–dead?

As Maggie’s memories return in snatches, nothing seems to make sense. Why was Joey acting so strangely at the party? Where did he go after taking her home? And if Joey was keeping these secrets, what else was he hiding?"- summary from Amazon

I wasn't a big fan of McBride's debut but I liked her writing enough to give her second book a shot and I enjoyed it much more. I liked how the tragic event involving Joey was described in the beginning, but we don't have the full story. We know that Maggie remembered something that caused the event to occur, but not what exactly. Following along on Maggie's journey was thrilling as she recalled more and more.

McBride does a wonderful job of writing all the emotions involved with dealing with a loss, both from Maggie's confused perspective as well as hearing it from other characters. It was a very engaging story, one that I read very quickly.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend this book and, for me at least, this sophomore effort was better than the debut. I'm excited to see what her third book will be about.

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  1. I agree -- I thought this was a really interesting story. I had so many emotions though. I felt so, so upset at Joey and really confused on Maggie's behalf. All the secrets blew my mind!