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Friday, December 30, 2011

Cat Friday (23)

It's Cat Friday again! It's been gone for a while due to lack of time and then my break, but now it's back! Cat Friday is a somewhat-weekly meme that's similar to Presenting Lenore's Cat Tuesday, in which I show off pictures of my cats. You've seen them in videos wandering by but now you can see them more clearly.

I got this picture of Maya mid-yawn and it's just too awesome not to show. Then in the next shot, she's very prim and proper. It's like she knows that the first photo didn't turn out well and wants to make things better.

Hope you guys enjoyed these two shots of a very cute cat!

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  1. Maya is so cute, Its funny cos I have a photo of my cat Merlin mid-yawn aswell and he looks like he is grinning insanely on it, your Maya pic has reminded me of it! I took it on an old 35mm camera and so it was quite a shock when I got the photo developed!