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Monday, January 17, 2011

Fresh New Voice of YA- Interview with Julia Karr

1) How did you get the idea for XVI?

The idea for XVI came from an image that flashed through my head one day of a punk rock type girl walking down the street of a city. Ear buds in, listening to music, blocking out the cacophony of blaring advertisements, she stepped over a homeless man lying on the sidewalk. She stopped, turned around, and went to see if she could help. That was the start.

2) Tell us all about The Call/The Email for publication. What were you doing when it happened? Did you do anything to celebrate the sale?

I was a work. I squee’d – very loudly! Ran into my co-worker’s office, jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean and yelling. Other than that, I was perfectly calm – took it in stride, you know, like any other dream-come-true moment. :) I believe I had several celebrations, over the course of several days. Yeah!

3) What book(s) are you working on now? Can you tell us anything about them?

Currently I’m working on the sequel to XVI, tentatively titled “The Sisterhood.” It’s a continuation of Nina’s life and world.

4) What is your favorite Jelly Belly jelly bean flavor (or flavors, if you're so inclined)?

Licorice. I am not much of a candy person (no, dark chocolate is not candy, it is one of the major food groups), but I have always loved licorice.

5) You participate in the group blog The League of Extraordinary Writers which was founded by Beth Revis, the other Fresh New Voice this week! How did you get involved with the blog, and what do you love most about it?

Beth and I are both in The Elevensies – a group of 2011 debut authors on LiveJournal (http://community.livejournal.com/2011debuts ) - and I believe that’s how she found me. I love being part of a group of debut writers who are all writing dystopia. Not everyone gets dystopia – and it’s good to know that we are there for each other. PLUS – it’s awesome to be in with such fabulous writers!

6) What book(s) are you reading now, or are about to start?

I’m about to start reading ILLEGAL by Bettina Restrepo – another 2011 Debut Author!

7) You've lived in several places over the course of your life. What was your favorite place to live in, and why?

So far, I’ve found wonderful things about everywhere I’ve lived. If I could take the excitement of Chicago, mix in the beauty of the mountains in Colorado (& the fact that the sun shines there almost every single day!), the hospitality of the Midwest, and the warmth of Florida… well, yeah – that’s my favorite place!


  1. Thanks for the interview! I really enjoyed XVI! I can't wait for the sequel! :)
    (Also--dark chocolate is MOST DEFINITELY one of the major food groups. Yes!)

  2. Great Interview ! Julia - so excited you are reading Illegal.

    XVI was excellent... and it's selling like hotcakes everywhere, so snatch up a copy ASAP!


  3. Great interview! I just got XVI and going to start it soon!

  4. Great interview! Can't wait to read this! New follower-stop by and say hi if you get a chance!