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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton
"Teagan Wylltson's best friend, Abby, dreams that horrifying creatures--goblins, shape-shifters, and beings of unearthly beauty but terrible cruelty--are hunting Teagan. Abby is always coming up with crazy stuff, though, so Teagan isn't worried. Her life isn't in danger. In fact, it's perfect. She's on track for a college scholarship. She has a great job. She's focused on school, work, and her future. No boys, no heartaches, no problems.

Until Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives. Finn's a bit on the unearthly beautiful side himself. He has a killer accent and a knee-weakening smile. And either he's crazy or he's been haunting Abby's dreams, because he's talking about goblins, too . . . and about being The Mac Cumhaill, born to fight all goblin-kind. Finn knows a thing or two about fighting. Which is a very good thing, because this time, Abby's right. The goblins are coming."- summary from Amazon

This book surprised me. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but as soon as I started reading, I was hooked. I know some of you out there want some funny paranormals (I do too) and this is one you should get. The dialogue is so funny in places but Hamilton is able to make other scenes suspenseful and tension-filled without it feeling clunky. The story just flows and it was hard for me to put it down. I was seriously flying through the pages.

I seriously loved all the characters, though my favorite is probably Teagan's friend Abby because she's really very funny. If it weren't for all the goblins and stuff, I'd seriously want to live in this world and have them as my friends. The parents are very cool and also witty, but they're not completely laid back. They're able to be strict when the need arises. The character of Ms. Skinner though? She was one I wanted to punch in the face. Repeatedly. Or at least slap her around a bit. My god, that woman was a pain.

Anyway, aside from being the rare funny paranormal, Tyger Tyger is also pretty original. I haven't seen goblins in YA literature so far, and the huge connection to old Celtic lore and other things really makes the book special. The backstories, the setting descriptions, the language of these characters and this world is just fascinating. Lucky for me, it's a trilogy, so there's more to come! But the story is tied up fairly nicely at the end, so you won't be left with a huge cliffhanger. It's similar to Paranormalcy- one adventure done, but the war is far from over.

Overall, this was a really wonderful book and I'm glad I got the chance to read it. It'll be out in November, so pre-order now!

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  1. I LOVED Tyger Tyger! I agree--I thought it was pretty original and had initial doubts. But I soon found myself flipping through the pages desperate for more! Haha.

  2. I was a little dubious about this one, but you've piqued my interest, so I'll definitely check it out. And congrats on making that list!

  3. Ooh Goblins sounds goodm and I love Celtic lore too so I'll definitely check it out come November. Thanks!

  4. I love your review! Have you seen the book trailer?! I found it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnFjfMwT7I0