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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ask Book Chic (11)

Welcome back to Ask Book Chic, the every-other-Wednesday feature where you guys get to ask me whatever questions you want and I'll answer them as honestly as I can and to the best of my abilities. Please feel free to leave questions in the comments to be used in future Ask Book Chics, or you can email me at bookchicclub-at-gmail-dot-com.

Caroline asks "Have you ever faced any negative response for reading YA books? (I only ask as I read them despite being 31!!)"

Not really. Most people don't seem to mind when I show them whatever I'm reading or when I tell them about it, so if there's any negative reaction, it's at least not said to my face, lol. But no one seems to care. Even if they did, that wouldn't bug me because I know YA is the best genre out there. I do know that sometimes my friends will see what I'm reading and be like "That sounds really good!" My roommate is actually getting ready to read The Book Thief soon on recommendation from her mother; when I found out, I was like "THAT'S YA! I love you now!" LOL.

As for age, I'm 24 now, but I'll keep reading (and writing) YA forever, I'm sure.

ikkinlala asks "How do you choose which books you read?"

It's interesting that I got around to this question now because I recently changed it to try and better accomodate all the books I get.

Before this month, I just went willy-nilly and read whatever struck my fancy. Most of the time, it was books published during that month but not all the time so that left some books behind. So recently, I decided that I'm gonna take all the books for whatever month I'm in and read and review them all in that month. If I have any space left, I'll read books already released. So far, this is not turning out to be the case as September and October are completely filled up, unless I start reviewing on Sundays. So you will be seeing a LOT of reviews coming up.

In putting this schedule together, I just went with publication date and tried to keep them as close to it as possible, so I'm reading in the order of the schedule I made. I'm hoping after a few months of this, my TBR pile will be a little more manageable. Of course, it could also just be that most ARCs given out at BEA and ALA were from September/October since ARCs usually arrive about 3-4 months before release. Because I don't think I have that many November or December books.

Krista asks "Do you see yourself blogging in five years from now?"

I don't know if I'll be book blogging, but I'd definitely still be blogging. I say that because I hope within five years time, I'd be a published author and would be too busy to be reviewing books as consistently as I do now. But I'd still slip one in every so often, I'm sure.

But I will continue to keep this blog going until that happens. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. It's just too much fun! :)

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