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Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Review- Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Wings by Aprilynne Pike
Laurel has always been a bit different – she doesn’t like to eat much, she doesn’t need much sleep. Moving house and starting school after being homeschooled for years isn’t her idea of fun, but she goes along with it because her parents have started their dream business. David knows there’s something different about Laurel. He knows she’s special and he’s drawn to her. Now something is happening to Laurel, something impossible, something magical. And they have to find out what’s going on.

I really enjoyed Pike's debut. It's not a perfect book by any means, but it's got a compelling storyline which makes me want to read the second book as soon as possible. My problem with the book though came with some of the dialogue throughout the novel; it was cliche at times and didn't always feel real to me and I thought to myself that no one would say something in that way. Another issue was with characterization; some of the characters weren't developed as well as I would've liked, but maybe it gets better in future novels. But what I enjoyed was Pike's fresh take on faeries and what they're all about, so it was really interesting to learn all about them in this new way. The writing is very simplistic and understated, which I think really fits the story. I also liked the love triangle aspect of it- I'm all about love triangles. They are quite fun, though I'm not sure which one I'd choose; this is always my problem, so usually I end up just wanting both cuz I am greedy like that. I kinda feel like this is more of a paperback or library sort of book, but if you've got the extra money and you love faeries but want a new angle, go ahead and buy the hardcover.