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Friday, May 22, 2009

Picture Post Part 1: Book Signing

First off, my "What Should I Read Next?" is not working well. I've only gotten 4 comments, and none of them are repeats, so I still can't decide what to read next. :( So go back and comment on it and give me your suggestions please! :) It's the post right before this one.

So last night I went to a book signing in Durham, NC at the Regulator Bookshop. I got off work, came home for a bit, and headed out on the road. The trip wasn't too bad. I stopped at Bojangles for the first time ever for dinner- it was above average, though I didn't really like the fries. The chicken tenders and biscuit were really good. I still prefer Popeyes though- that's the best. I ended up being a bit late to the signing but that was ok since it hadn't even started yet.

I came in and sat down in one of the chairs. Cheryl was talking with someone else when I arrived, but after she was done talking with them, she came right over to me and said "Hi James!!" and went to hug me. I stood up and attempted to hug her back, but got intercepted by her son who came up running and hugged her around the waist. We hugged after that, lol, and we chatted a bit before she went off to mingle a bit more before starting the reading/QnA. During that time, I took a couple pictures, one of which I have to wait until Part 2 to show as it features a book and all my book stalking photos are gonna be saved for next time. The other picture can be shown:

I could've done a better job taking the photo, but I was a bit nervous with taking photos. This is the Breathing display that they had. The orange papers on the left talk about upcoming events, one of which I'll be going to! It's the Sarah Dessen one on her pub day for Along for the Ride! :) I'm excited about that one. Behind it is the podium that Cheryl spoke at during the event.

So Cheryl went up to the podium, talked a bit about the book, read from the book (the same excerpt I read in my excerpt vlog!), and took some questions from the audience. It was a really fun evening. Here's a picture of Cheryl at the podium speaking (I apologize for the blurriness):

After the QnA section, she was ready to sign books. I waited in line for a bit and deliberated over buying a copy of Breathing to have her sign for a giveaway but decided against it. The Regulator Bookshop has this new policy where if you bring a book to sign, you need to buy an equal amount of what you bring (so if you bring two books, you have to buy two). I'm not sure if that counts for ARCs since I got that for free, but that's ok; I wanted to buy Behind the Bit by Jessica Burkhart at some point anyway.

When I got up to Cheryl, she was so cute and sweet! She signed my book, and then as soon as she finished, she said "We need to get a picture! Where's a camera?" and started looking around. I had my camera ready to go and was planning on asking her myself a second later; her husband (I'm assuming here) took a picture of us with my camera and then with their camera. I thought it was so cute how much she wanted a picture with me, hehe. :) We said a few parting words, and then I went upstairs to book stalk, and those pics will come next week. Anyway, without further ado, here's the picture of Cheryl and I:

I really need to work on my smile for photos. That is just TOO big and it makes my eyes all squinty. Must practice in the mirror sometime. But doesn't Cheryl look so cute?! :)

Also, I have some exciting news, BUT you all will have to wait until Sunday to find it out. It'll be in my In My Mailbox vlog. You can check my Youtube page for the video tomorrow afternoon if you don't want to wait. It'll be a scheduled post and should be up by midnight on Sunday. This is actually a pretty short video for me, so be sure to watch it. It's less than 5 minutes, but I go through a TON of books.

See you all Sunday! :)


  1. Um.. I TOTALLY get the smile with squinty eyes thing. And I'm sorry to say, I'm pretty sure there's no hope. :-D

  2. Suzanne- Must you come and crush my hopes and dreams of a non-squinty-eyed smile?! :P I will work on it and next time a picture of me is taken with an author, I will implement it!

  3. I'm always so jealous when I see people meeting authors. I really need to move towards a costal state - no one ever wants to come to the Midwest. I don't really blame them though.

    Love the picture, and it's okay, I do the squinty eye thing a lot too.

  4. lover cheryl! looks like it was a great signing! and fwiw, i love squinty eyed smiles. i have cow eyed smiles myself. ha!