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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updates from Ning!

I have been sorely neglecting this blog for most of the week, so here's all my Ning updates so far.

First off, links for two of the blog posts this week. The first is to my Seven Book Babes vlog, which can be found here, and the second is my reviews of Something, Maybe and Wintergirls (yes, they're finally up, lol), which can be found here!

Now, as for the real blogs, here's what's going on so far:

From Monday- "So yet again, I post on the next day rather than on the right day. *sigh* And I'm not even doing much during the day! I just do some job hunting (being unemployed sucks), play some Wii (Mario Kart rocks), eat lunch, play around online (I check my email like 50 bajillion times a day), do some reading (still reading Wintergirls right now), and hang out with my roommate when she gets home from work. Tonight, we went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, which she treated me to. It was quite good. However, we didn't leave until after 7, I think, because she had problems deciding a) if she should go out, as she's on a diet and b) where we should go to if we do go out.

Oh and on days like yesterday (Monday specifically, lol), I volunteer at my local library taking back checked out materials and answering questions that patrons have. I even sometimes know the right answer! It's fun to see what everyone reads and I also like seeing what people have on hold. One of the things I do to amuse myself (it doesn't take much, as you'll see in a moment) is to see if I can find all 4 Twilight books in the holds area and it doesn't matter if it's the actual book or the audiobook. There was even one time I think all 4 books in the series were on the same shelf! And no, they weren't all together for one person; they were definitely separate. Another thing I like to do is find books I like or at least know of, like today I saw that someone had put Evernight by Claudia Gray on hold. And someone returned Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.

So we didn't get back until 9pm, which is just too late to be coming back from dinner. Then we played some Mario Party. She went to go talk to her bf on the phone while I fed the cats and put my bed back together (I had washed everything earlier in the day)."

From Tuesday- "1) I was on my former college campus earlier today (graduated last May) and was chatting with a friend of mine as I walked her to class. She was telling me that our other friend (who's her roommate) had to print off something for her art teacher. Now, the art teacher's first name is Ursula, which always reminds me of Ursula from the movie "The Little Mermaid". And so I got this mental image of our friend standing at a printer, clearly scared and also cowering, while Ursula is next to her, glowering. It made me giggle.

2) My roommate and I were coming back from somewhere earlier tonight and she was flipping through her XM stations and came across the band name 3oh!3. We thought that was an odd band name. She continued on and one of the stations stated "No info" and I said "That's an odd band name." But really, it wouldn't be odd, it would be an AWESOME band name, lol.

3) I landed on a lucky space twice in one game of Mario Party 8 on the Goomba's Booty Boardwalk map! I ended up getting a total of 4 stars and winning the game after it was done (that's including bonus stars at the end).

4) Also, this didn't happen today, but the other day, Tobias answered my math question about why you can't divide by zero, so if you ever wondered, go here to find out!

5) Meg Cabot posted a link to a fun video interview with her in the Barnes and Noble studio. I loved it! Go here to watch the video!

And yay, I finally posted on time! How awesome is that! :)"

I will try and post my Friday Five from my LJ up here tomorrow so I don't have to do a long update like this again, lol.

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  1. Ooooooh, don't trust me is really good!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giNlgrCQVXk And maaaan, they took down the really good video. :(