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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seven Book Babes Post featuring JOB NEWS!

So here's some exciting job news in this vlog!:

Yay, isn't that awesome!?!? I'm so excited. It means that I'll start getting money and can go places (like book signings- already planning on one for Cheryl Renee Herbsman in NC and one for Melissa Marr in MD/VA!) and can send out packages of books for fellow bloggers to borrow and YAY!!! :)

Also, I apologize for not really keeping up with posting my BEDA blogs here. I suck at cross-posting. Would links help? If so, here's a few:

1) My Stances on Issues of Importance
2) In the Nick of Time
3) My Friday Five post that was nonexistent due to problems with LJ!
4) My quick Saturday post from my roomie's bf's computer while I was in Richmond (more on that day to come in a blog post soon!)
5) My Friday Five typed up again and posted on Monday!

By clicking on the links, it'll take you straight to the entry itself so hopefully that will be ok with people for now. Feel free to comment too, either here or there!


  1. Congrats!! I'm hopefully going to Cheryl's visit too as the Regulator is a 5 minute walk from my school, where I just happen to live.

  2. Tasha- OMG! I hope you can make it. You'd be the first fellow book blogger that I've met in real life. I'll bring my camera (obviously) and we can book stalk and take pics of books out in the wild. Oh and I may be meeting up with a cute guy there, so he can help take pics of us together if you wanted to get a pic like that. We will have to discuss this further sometime! :) And thanks for the congrats!

  3. Congrats on the job!!! and have you ever considered doing everything on one blog. it is kinda hard to follow you all over the internet! but I try!

  4. Erika- lol, well, the Ning will be over soon so you only have to follow me on two blogs. I may eventually move to this one permanently, but I don't know yet.