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Saturday, January 17, 2009

VC Andrews Vlog Trilogy Part 1

So many of you probably already know all about the VC Andrews "Read the Good Trash" Movement that Taren and Steph started up a couple weeks ago, right? Well, even though I'm a secret participant, I decided to make up for that by doing a short series of vlogs about my love for VCA. Here's how it should go:

Part 1 (posted today)- History: My Introduction to the Wonders of VC Andrews
Part 2 (posted sometime next week)- History: Going up to the Present-Day
Part 3 (posted the week after Part 2)- A video showing off all my VC Andrews books.

So here's Part 1. I hope you guys enjoy it! And if there's anything else you want me to talk about in regards to VC Andrews, I can always add on future vlogs, so just leave suggestions in the comments. Even if I don't know necessarily what you want me to talk about, I will just ramble on and on with absolutely no point.

In My Mailbox is coming tomorrow!! Keep an eye out for it! :)


  1. Your cat is cute! That was a great story, it's like the book was set there just for you, you know? I heard about V.C. Andrews through one of the I Love the (insert decade)s on VH1, it was actually about the Flowers in the Attic movie, probably in college. No idea why it took that long for me to even hear of her. I guess I never thought about her books being hardcovers, I always just see the mass market paperbacks, that's funny.

  2. And I totally forgot to say, I did Stage Crew too, never wanted to be in a production but I really enjoyed the painting. Actually just last year when I only had a part time job I got hired as their graphic designer, crew adult type painting person, and one of the sound people. It was actually a lot of fun, especially since my little sister was in the production!

  3. My library has both hardcovers and paperbacks of VC books.

    And it was I Love the 80s- I love those too!! :) Did you see the Mad TV sketch where they made fun of it with I Love the '00s (i.e. this decade).

    Stage Crew is awesome! That's one of the reasons high school was so awesome for me. :) That's where I learned to swear and do sexual innuendo. :)

  4. I don't think I've ever looked for them in the library. *gasp*

    I never did see that MadTV sketch haha!

  5. It's on Youtube! Go find it. It's hilarious.

  6. Heheh! Yeah that was funny, I miss watching the Stewart clips!

  7. I first heard about FITA on I Love the 80s too. I think I was in still in high school then. Sophomore or junior year because I was going to read it and I told a first about it. She checked the only copy out from the school library though. She told me it wasn't that great. I listened to her and didn't bother checking it out after her. I bet she was just embarrassed to have liked it or something. Anyway, I have a copy coming to me soon! :)