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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pictures Post!

So I went to the bookstores back home and took lots of pictures of books! Some of them were of books that were out early and others are of books that I wanted to take pics of so that the authors can be like "LOOK! My book is out in stores that aren't near me!" There's also a picture of one of my cats being cute. That's at the end.

As for the VCA Vlog Trilogy conclusion, I talked for too long, so I need to break it up into two parts. And I have no idea when I'll post it. In My Mailbox this week will most likely just be one vlog as I only got like 5 or 6 books this week, unless I get like 50 BAJILLION BOOKS in the mail today, but that is doubtful. I do have some fun ones though! :)

Anyway, here's the first pic and the rest are behind the cut (um, apparently, there is no cut... I stole what we normally use at GLW to hide posts but it's not working here for some reason)!

Here's a picture of What Would Emma Do? by Eileen Cook- this is the first time I think I've actually seen them in a store. By the way, these pictures are not the best. They probably would've been better if I had someone with me, but taking pictures of books alone just looks weird, so I had to do them kinda fast.

This one is of Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner. I had forgotten this book came out this month and was a bit surprised to see it there, but there it was. YAY! It looks like a great book.

A copy of Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee! They had two copies- one is facing out (cuz I put it there for the pic) and then there's one on the shelf just to the left of it. Doesn't the cover look great?! Also in the pic to the left is a copy of The Debutante by Kathryn Williams, which is absolutely hilarious and is awesome.

Copies of Amor and Summer Secrets (facing out) and Adios to All the Drama! (to the left- spine out) by Diana Rodriguez Wallach. :) YAY! I love this series and was happy to see copies of it here. Last time I was there, they had the second book Amigas and School Scandals but I guess they sold out and never restocked or something.

I probably wouldn't have taken a photo of this book had the author and I not been emailing on Myspace just a few days ago. This features Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten. They had like two copies, I think, but yay that they're facing out!! :) Look, Lynn, it's your book- YAY!

It's Far From You by Lisa Schroeder!! They had a lot of copies of this and they actually had some in the New Teen Fiction section up front when I first went this past Monday, but by Thursday, when I went back again to take more pics, they had taken them off there and put them in the teen section. But at least they're still facing out. You can also see Elizabeth Scott books to the right as well as Lisa's first book to the left of Far From You.

I just reviewed 11 Birthdays earlier this week on the myspace blog, so I went on a search to look for it in the bookstore. Borders has an odd way of doing Middle Grade novels- they divide it up into like 5 different sections- Friendship, Animals, Humor, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and several other things, so it took me a while to find certain things and unfortunately didn't find Take the Reins, which they said was in the Animals section, but it wasn't. Blah. But I found 11 Birthdays as well as ...

Yes! Copies of Taylor Morris' Total Knockout (Look at all those copies!) and Class Favorite! The reason I took the picture at this angle are two-fold: 1) There was a lady just a little bit down the aisle and she wouldn't go away and I didn't want her seeing the camera and me taking pictures (how weird is that?) and 2) Her books are RIGHT NEXT TO Lauren Myracle's Winnie series and The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life!!! Taylor, be glad there aren't many authors between MO and MY, lol. I'm excited that whenever I get published, I'll be right in between people like Holly Black and Ann Brashares, and very near Meg Cabot!

Here's where I make the transfer from Borders to B&N and guess what I found? Hardcover copies of North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley!!! On the display for new teen fiction!! They had 3 copies of it. It looks fantastic in the dust jacket and everything. I can't wait to read it- I've got the ARC in my room and should be getting to it soon! And you can see a glimpse of Kisses and Lies by Lauren Henderson to the right.

Here's the new teen fiction display which features a ton of awesome books. I'll point out a few:

Top Left: Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz, Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman, Paper Towns by John Green
Left, second shelf: Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston, Parties and Potions by Sarah Mlynowski
Left, third shelf: My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison (I LOVE THAT COVER!)
Left, bottom shelf: Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott, Wicked by Sara Shepard
Right, second shelf: ABCs of Kissing Boys by Tina Ferraro, Top 8 by Katie Finn, Coraline by Neil Gaiman
Right, third shelf: You Are So Undead to Me by Stacey Jay (only 1 copy, though I can't remember if they had more under J in the regular shelving), Boy Toy by Barry Lyga
Right, bottom shelf: Golden Girl: A Bradford Novel by Micol Ostow, Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead, It's A Mall World After All and How to Take the Ex Out Of Ex-Boyfriend by Janette Rallison

I took this picture to mainly show off Triple Shot Bettys in Love by Jody Gehrman (middle of top shelf) and the paperback of Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley (left, bottom shelf) but it turns out I also got Envy by Anna Godberson, the third book in the Luxe series, in the shot as well. At the Borders store, they had a whole display for the Luxe series with the Envy hardcover and The Luxe and Rumors paperbacks. I haven't yet read that series, but I love the covers!

And, last but not least, what I mainly came to photograph,

Take the Reins by Jessica Burkhart! It took me a little while to find cuz it was hidden in a corner in the Young Readers series section, despite it only having one book in the series out so far... But anyway, they had four copies and I took one out to show off the lovely cover. You can't see the fourth copy because with the angle I took it out, the book facing out is covering it, lol. I apologize for the glare too.

And that's all. I know I promised the cute cat pic, but I have yet to upload it, so you'll have to wait until I do my next Picture post when I go to the B&N here in Lynchburg and take pics of stuff there (don't worry, it won't be as many- my B&N doesn't get a whole lot of new books, but they do have Take the Reins!)


  1. Your bookstore is way better than my local one!!!!!!

  2. I'm excited that if you and I both get published, our books would be by each other. xD Except I'd be in between people like Robin Benway and...err, other people with "Be" last names.

    And you're making me want to do this since the YA section of my local B&N just got bigger. :D

  3. Yay!!! You totally rock, BC. :) It's totally true that I don't believe its in anyone else's town until I see proof. :)

  4. Bookworm- My local bookstore isn't the best, but the ones where my parents live (and I used to live) are AMAZING, hence why I took photos there instead of here, lol.

    Khy- YAY! I wish more bloggers lived near me, so we could go to stores together and take tons of pictures and squee over books, lol.

  5. Honestly, Book Chic, you know how to make us all feel so good and loved. Thanks for your support.

    Next time: let's get a shot of YOU with the books! : )

  6. This is one of the best posts ever, lol. I've always wanted to see pics of the YA sections in US Borders & B&N stores.. I work in a UK Borders, and it's so different to ours!

    For starters, the US has so much more YA fiction than we have. I'm so jealous! :P

    Thanks for the pics!

    - Jenny

  7. I too reshelve books in any and all stores - putting things back in order and facing out good books! Kudos!

  8. I found Take the Reins in the Borders Independent Readers section (Animals) but you are right, it took me awhile to actually figure out where the animal books were! My store had 4 copies, and now 3 since I bought one!

  9. What a fun post! :-D

    Thanks BC - nice to be seen in such good company!!


  10. Sweet! I haven't actually been in a bookstore since Triple Shot Bettys in Love came out, and I must say it gives a little thrill...

  11. Jessica- haha, I knew I was right.

    Justina- Well, it's hard to do that when you're alone, lol. And I don't want to ask random strangers to take pics of me with books. I could take a picture of myself with your ARC if you wanted, hehe.

    prophecygirl- Glad you liked the post!! :) It is fun seeing the differences. I was in England way back when in 2001 and the bookstores were so different. I wish I had been into YA back then- would've been nice to check out that section.

    LW- I reshelve ALL THE TIME. I wish I had reshelved that 13RY book which is right next to (well, pretty much) Wherever Nina Lies. A does not come after W, lol. And I've only recently started facing book outwards, but most of the books were already facing outwards and the ones that weren't didn't have enough room on the shelf to be turned out.

    Alea- Yay, I am not alone in my confusion over middle grade books. Just put them all in the same section like with YA, or if you must separate, just do realistic and then sci-fi/fantasy. That's what the Borders near my parents does.

    Lesley- No problem!! :) They had a lot of copies of your book. They were on display and then over with the Ls.

    Jody- Glad I could help with letting you know that yes, your new book is out there on the shelves!!

  12. Yeah it was bizarre, I looked online to make sure they had it. Figured it was probably in the Middle Grade and looked in Fiction section there and didn't see it. So I went over to the computer and it said it was in Animal section! That's just weird, there must be A LOT of Middle Grade animal books!

  13. Can't wait to read Justine's book - the cover really is so beautiful!

    Thanks for doing that BC!

  14. You have made my day! How sweet of you to post these pictures. And hey, two copies of my book on the New Release shelf WORKS FOR ME! Thank you, Book Chic!

  15. Do you have any idea how many pictures it took me to realize that it wasn't your own personal bookshelf I was looking at? *head in hands*

    You make me so jealous -the closest B&N to me is 45 miles away.

  16. Thanks for posting the photos! It's so much fun to see how GoldenGirl is being shelved in different stores, and to see proof that it's there!

    Micol and I have been uploading photos of GoldenGirl in bookstores to the Bradford Novels Facebook fan page. If you get a chance, you should upload your pic there, too!

  17. Wahoo! I love it when I'm face out! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I scrolled through all of those pictures to see your cat, and then no cat. My biggest disapointment of the day after no YA Connection.

  19. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for posting the pic!

  20. Like Taren, I at first thought it was your personal bookshelf! :P

    I just have to say though, whoever stocks the books at that Borders doesn't understand alphabetical order. Eileen Cook's book is inbetween Robert Cormier books. It should be before all of his, not just a few. Same with Lisa Schroeder, she's inbetween Keiran Scott books.

  21. I saw all of these books at my local B&N yesterday. I wanted to but all of them (well most of them) but alas, I didn't have enough money. :(

    Great pics, though! :)

  22. Hey--I realized you also have WHEREVER NINA LIES in there--Lynn is a good friend of mine and the book rawks. Yay!

  23. Lisa, Tina, Janette, Lisa, Micol, Lynn- No problem! :) Glad you enjoyed it.

    Alea- lol, I guess so. Although it really looked like there was only like one HUGE horse series and nothing else.

    Taren- lol, I wish that was my personal bookshelf. If it was, I'd be holding TONS of contests. But that's funny you thought that considering that I mention that they're pictures I took in the bookstore (actually, right in the first sentence). You need to learn to read. :P

    Also, in answer to your question, was it 6 pictures? lol

    Elizabeth- I'll def do that soon!! Thanks for letting me know! :)

    Lenore- Today, just for you, I'll be posting the cat pic from yesterday and another one I took last night! One of each cat! :)

    Amee- lol. It's right in between Cormier books. Also, I noticed that there's a Kieran Scott book in between two Elizabeth Scott books, lol.

    See, this is why *I* need to work in a bookstore. I'll go through and reshelve EVERYTHING correctly as I love doing it, lol.

    Carolina- Not having money sucks. I hate it. I wish I could have like a reviewer card that I could flash at the booksellers and then I can have all the books I want for either a severe discount or for free. Wouldn't that be awesome? lol

    Micol- Lynn's book looks great. I hope to read it sometime! :)

  24. Hi James--
    I couldn't find your email address so here goes:
    I think I really need a contact @ Penguin Books, so I was just wondering who yours was? There's like a ton of books at that publishing company i've been thinking of reviewing, so I really need someone to write me back. And no one has so....that's why I'm asking you! Let me know, Thanks!
    (: C.

  25. Bookworm- My email addy is bookchicclub-at-gmail-dot-com. Email me there and I'll tell you.

  26. Oh! You included me and my little books!I heart you so.

  27. If you were shelved in a bookstore, BC, you would be facing out:) Thanks for the smile on my face!

    Hope all's well. L-burg will be on my tour for The Lost Summer!

  28. Taylor- No problem!! :) It's much better than it is at the one down here in Lynchburg, where I think they had one copy of each of your books. :(

    Kathryn- AWESOME!! Keep me posted on times and dates and if you're elsewhere in VA that's close enough to me, I'll prolly come to those as well, lol.

    And thanks for the smile on MY face with that compliment of yours. hehe

  29. Thanks so much for the pictures! That's so nice of you! I love seeing my books existing outside of my hometown.

  30. Wow - I have major bookstore envy now! Thanks for sharing so many great photos!