Picture drawn by Maggie Stiefvater, 2009. Header made by S.F. Robertson, 2010.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cat Friday (15)

It's Cat Friday again! Cat Friday is a somewhat-weekly meme that's similar to Presenting Lenore's Cat Tuesday, in which I show off pictures of my cats. You've seen them in videos wandering by but now you can see them more clearly.

I meant to post one of these when I did my Tempest Rising blog tour post but forgot, so I'm showing them off now.

These were taken while my roommate and I were having dinner and Maya was laying down nearby. She thought the book made for a comfy pillow, I guess. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics!


  1. Hi! we think Maya is so lovely! Our cats sleep on our books too but most of the time, they take over the bed :D

    Lots a' purrs,
    Zane & Van

  2. Aww, book pillow! how cute!! :D