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Saturday, May 28, 2011

BFF Breakup by Taylor Morris

BFF Breakup by Taylor Morris
"Best friends forever? Well...

Brooke and Madeline have been best friends since they first met. Nothing could possibly change that, right?

Except maybe middle school. As Brooke and Madeline encounter new challenges, suddenly their friendship isn't looking so solid. And when the cracks in their relationship become chasms, they must decide if there's anything worth salvaging--or if their dreams of "best friends forever" were mere fantasy."- summary from Taylor's website

I love Taylor Morris' books and this most recent one is no different. She really nails the middle-grade voice and the situations that arise at that crucial moment when you start junior high and things start to change. The book is told in alternating perspectives and it was nice to see both sides of the friendship breakup.

Morris also throws in the divorce issue and how it affects everyone involved, especially the children. It's handled really well and realistically and I think it can help tweens going through that.

Navigating the friendship waters at a new school is hard and Morris really did a good job making that come to life. Brooke and Madeline are wonderful characters, and the friend groups they fall in with as they drift apart are written well too. It was fun spending time in this world and the book just flew by.

The only thing that confused me was the timeline. The first three chapters are marked "After" and then the rest of the book is "Before" and the ending doesn't seem to go with the "After" chapters. Maybe I just missed something and am the only one not understanding it, but it bothered me a tiny bit.

Overall, I absolutely loved this new book from Morris and if you're looking for a fun middle-grade book, this is it. And be sure to check out Morris' other MG books too!

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  1. I definitely could've used more books involving divorce when I was in MS.

  2. Looks like an interesting book.