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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott

Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott
"Abby accepted that she can't measure up to her beautiful, magnetic sister Tess a long time ago, and knows exactly what she is: Second best. Invisible.

Until the accident.

Now Tess is in a coma, and Abby's life is on hold. It may have been hard living with Tess, but it's nothing compared to living without her.

She's got a plan to bring Tess back though, involving the gorgeous and mysterious Eli, but then Abby learns something about Tess, something that was always there, but that she'd never seen.

Abby is about to find out that truth isn't always what you think it is, and that life holds more than she ever thought it could..."- summary from Amazon

I've read a couple reviews already and I think this book may not be for everyone. Some people are saying that no one can hate themselves as much as Abby hates herself, and I would tend to agree, BUT thinking about it more, I think that there are people who do hate themselves this much. It's why suicides happen, depression, etc. Scott does a wonderful job of presenting Abby in a realistic light and so that you understand her self-hatred. I mean, why are the people in her town still focusing on Tess three years after the accident? If she wakes up, you will know. There's no need to badger the little sister and be like "Isn't Tess so amazing?" It just doesn't help.

This book flows really well, as do most of Scott's novels. Her prose is just so sparse and compelling that the pages fly by. I also really liked the revealed secrets toward the end of the novel and didn't see them coming but it did make sense. I also really liked the romance and interaction between Abby and Eli; Scott really has a way of writing good teen romance.

Overall, this is just another great book from Elizabeth Scott, though readers may need to up their empathy before reading.

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  1. oh sounds good and more LYHYMY than Something Maybe?

    I can't wait for my copy to arrive :)

  2. when was this book published?