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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another 2010 Books Preview Post

Yes, yes, I've been at it again- reading more 2010 books and wanting to talk about them a bit right now instead of waiting until the release date. These are just some small thoughts and full reviews will be posted around the release date. Here are two I read recently:

As soon as I got this book in the mail a couple weeks back, I couldn't just set it down and wait until March or April to get to it, so I started reading it pretty much right away. Since it is Elizabeth Scott, of COURSE I loved it! It was so well-written and had a great obstacle-heavy romance with a lot of depth. I honestly can't wait for everyone else to read this so I can squeal with someone over how amazing it is, lol. There may even be a 1 ARC tour happening too, but I'm not totally sure yet. Is there any interest? If one did happen, it wouldn't happen for another month or so.

I got this last week as part of Cindy's 1 ARC tours and I just finished it a little bit ago. I loved Salter's debut My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters and was very excited to read this. While both are really well-written and have depth, I feel like this one is more complex. It still has Salter's humor peppering each page, but there's a lot more going on with Polly and it comes across to the reader so well. Definitely a book to look out for when it's released this April!

Hopefully this should be the last of my 2010 reading until 2010 actually starts, lol. Although I may read Dead Tossed Waves soon so I can send it out on a 1 ARC tour this month, so look out for that sign-up post!


  1. I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOOOOOOVE The Unwritte Rule. It's SO cute. Ryan (that's the boys name, right?) was SO swoon-worthy. He's mine.

    I haven't read SWOON yet but I'm getting a copy for the 1 ARC tours so yay! :)

    There's a 4-ARC Unwritten Rule tour for the 1 ARC Tours and there was another tour for it from Cindy too.

    And that one author you were talking about is VERY sexy. And only like 19....I'm 15. That could work, right?! :P

  2. Ryan does sound right- he is very swoon-worthy and cute. hehe.

    Yeah, I know there's a lot of ARCs for Unwritten Rule going around for tours, which is why I'm very iffy about doing one of my own. Yay for you getting Swoon soon- you'll love it, I'm sure!

    LOL. I don't lie about authors' sexiness. And unfortunately, it won't work- he has a girlfriend already. But you do have more of a shot than I do anyway.

  3. Both books sound good and I will have to check them out when they come out..will put them on my wishlist. :)

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