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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Game Over, Pete Watson by Joe Schreiber

Game Over, Pete Watson by Joe Schreiber
"When videogame obsessed Pete Watson discovers his dad is not only a super-spy but has been kidnapped and is now trapped inside a video game, he has to use his super gaming skills and enter the game to rescue him. Will he be able to save his friends and family and the entire world from giant mechanical cockroaches and a massive cyber attack set to take down the world's network? And if he succeeds, who will save Pete from his massive crush on Callie Midwood?"- summary from Amazon

I absolutely loved Schreiber's previous YA efforts and was excited to read this middle-grade debut. It was a very quick read and I went through it in one afternoon. The illustrations in it were funny and really added to the story. It's very similar to his YA books which also feature a spy and a mission but this is definitely more funny than those. The focus on video games too make this an ideal read for young boys; Pete's voice too is very conversational and easy to read, which definitely helps as well.

Overall, a highly recommended read and I cannot wait for more from Schreiber.

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  1. This sounds like a cute read. Not quite to my tastes, but I know a couple of kids who'd like to hear about it.