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Friday, December 27, 2013

Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey

Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey
"After destroying the demon Lucien, Braden—son of Belle Dam’s most powerful warlock, Jason Thorpe—doesn’t need the power of his witch eyes to see that everything in his life is turning against him: friends, family, and even his visions. When disturbing nightmares of Lucien’s return haunt him, Braden discovers that the simmering feud between Belle Dam’s two witch dynasties is fast approaching its explosive boiling point.

While struggling to come to terms with his attraction to Trey, Catherine Lansing’s son who should be his mortal enemy, Braden senses a diabolical plan has been set in motion. Young women are disappearing from town, and as he investigates, Braden is forced to explore the dangerous unknown power within himself. But when the truth about his family is revealed, Braden must pay a terrible price."- summary from Amazon

It has been a long time since I originally read Witch Eyes so it was a little weird going back into the series two years later in anticipation of the final book being released. But Tracey does a good job of calling back to the events of the first book to refresh the reader a bit. I still really love the whole gay male witches concept because it's awesome and sexy and the world needs more of them in books. It's also just refreshing too because the gay aspect is very much in the background; the main focus is on the big family feud going on in the town and all the fallout from that. It's just that there's occasionally some passionate kissing between two boys while this is going on, and some flirting with Braden from a straight character. So it's nice to read a book where sexuality isn't the only issue going on.

Tracey sets up a fantastically dark new adventure for Braden with some interesting reveals and a crazy climax that makes me all very excited for the final book and see how it all turns out. There's some wonderful humor (mainly sarcasm) in these books too which is always a plus for me, especially when dealing with paranormal stories.

Overall, a great follow-up to Witch Eyes, and I can't wait to read the final book!

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