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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Levitating Las Vegas by Jennifer Echols

Levitating Las Vegas by Jennifer Echols
"Twenty-one-year-old showgirl Holly Starr is sick and tired of assisting her dad, a celebrity magician, in his Las Vegas casino magic show. As soon as he keeps his promise to her and shares the secrets to his tricks, she can break out on her own. But can she really make it? For years Holly has taken medication to stave off crazy hallucinations that she can levitate objects. Just when she thinks she’s ready to make a career and a life for herself, her medicine—and her luck—run out.

Elijah Brown suffers from a similar delusion—he thinks he can read minds—and he’s out of medicine too. Determined to save himself and his old flame Holly, he kidnaps her and takes her to a town high in the Rockies where their medicine is made. What they discover there leads them to suspect their powers are not imaginary after all...and neither is the intense attraction they feel for each other.

They make a pact to stick together as they return to Vegas to confront the people who kept them in the dark for so long. But soon they’re pitting their powers against each other in a dangerous world where the nightlife is seductive, domination is addictive, the sex is beyond belief...and falling in love can lead to murder."- summary from Amazon

I really enjoy Echols' books. I've fallen a bit behind on her titles, but made time to read this one quickly and unfortunately, it fell a bit short for me. Now, I have no problems with new adult books (I love reading about the age that the genre covers) so it's not that at all. But the characters just felt too young, despite being 21, and the plot just way too far-fetched. It's not a horrible book, but it's not exactly what I've come to expect from Echols.

The book goes back and forth between Elijah and Holly, and Echols does a fair job with their voices but like I mentioned earlier, sometimes the way they thought and acted just felt too young. It just didn't feel realistic for a 21-year old to fall for the sickness line anymore. When they find out as teenagers, I can understand but as they grow older and they still don't know or question, it doesn't feel realistic.

The last line of the summary plays up the whole "dangerous world" thing way too much, and it's not exactly as dark or as sexy as they make it sound. It's mainly creepy, and there isn't much sex going on, primarily because Elijah and Holly spend most of the book either hiding their feelings for each other or being mad at each other. It just all felt off.

Overall, it's an okay book, but not Echols' best work. I'd suggest reading her upper teen books (like Forget You, Going Too Far, Love Story, Such a Rush, Dirty Little Secret) instead.

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