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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Andy Squared by Jennifer Lavoie

Andy Squared by Jennifer Lavoie
"Seventeen-year-old twins, Andrew and Andrea Morris, have always been close. They share everything—from their friends to a room—and they both enjoy star positions on their high school’s soccer teams. All’s right with the twins...or is it?

When new student Ryder Coltrane moves from Texas to their small New York town, he spins Andrew’s world upside down. All of Andrew’s past relationship troubles begin to make sense and his true feelings start to click into place after Ryder comes out to him. His friendship with Ryder turns secretively romantic, but secrets, they soon find out, are hard to keep. Once rumors start to fly, so-called friends turn on them, and the boys’ relationship turns into a bomb about to explode. But Andrew never expected it would be his own twin, Andrea, holding a lighter to ignite it."- summary from Amazon

This was an overall okay book, but it had a cute romance in it, so that helped it a bit. I thought the characters weren't really that fleshed out, except for maybe Andrew and Ryder with everyone else kind of playing a specific role and not much else beyond that.

The dialogue at times felt stilted and a little heavy-handed. I also felt like some of the characters were pretty immature considering they're supposed to be 17 years old, especially Andrea. The book is pretty short, at less than 200 pages, and surprisingly, there were times I wasn't sure I wanted to continue reading. It felt like nothing much was happening. I powered through just because of the length. But it's weird because while nothing much happened throughout most of the book, the climax and end went by way too fast. I felt that part could've been elaborated on more and given time to breathe. The conflict just seemed to abruptly end with no real consequence. It just didn't feel right; the pacing of the whole book just seemed off.

I wish this had been a better gay romance. I don't read many of them because there aren't that many out there, so when I do, I expect something really good. Unfortunately, this just wasn't it.

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  1. That's unfortunate. There are really aren't many LGBT reads out there as high-quality as mainstream YA. We need more of this!